Welcome to the Con-Cor Trains.

Con-Cor found some new/ unused models of our HO and HOn3 Gooses in the warehouse during Spring Cleaning. We believe these had been used as display samples during Trade Shows when they were first being introduced.

Note: These models do not have the factory boxes, nor the extra “Snow Plow” Pilot that was included in the final factory version.(Sorry please don’t ask,we do not have any extra snow plows, and we are also sold out on the dummy “plastic chains” used on the rear drive truck, but most of the other parts are still available from our parts dept.)

Long Island Collectors – We have New Long Island mP-54s Coming.  We thought we would take the opportunity to show some Artist Renderings of the Long Islands coming in mP54 cars. Long Island “Tichy- Gray-white scheme” and the “Dashing Dan Goodfellow dark Gray Scheme” Shown.

Please share with your local dealers and fellow hobbyist.

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International Customers

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