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You can now place Pre-Orders for MUmP54s and Snow Plows. Customers that pre-order get a discounted price! (Out of stock items that will be reproduced will be added to the list)
and remember all Pre-Orders are ZERO DOWN! and can cancel at anytime.)

A couple things to remember if you would like to pre-order an item, each pre-order item must be purchased singly on separate orders due to a limitation in our current software. ( we will be fixing this in coming months) Our software keeps you updated with status via email and your “My Count” page. Once the item ships we will send an invoice via email and account notification. If you do not respond we contact you by phone. Once Payment is received your item will be shipped when available.

UPDATE: If you have tried to order before it was fixed you need to clear your browser cache and refresh the page and/or cart.
Please let us know if you have any issue Pre-Ordering.

New Item! Now you can add Authentic Alco PA-1 sounds behind your Con-Cor PA-1 locomotives with our PB-1 Sound Units !

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By adding this PB-1 unit right behind it, and running it in tandem with the Powered unit. While the sounds come out of the “B” unit a few inches behind the powered “PA-1 unit pulling it, from more than about 18 inches away the sounds seem to be coming out of the locomotive anyway.

Since the sounds work in both “DC” and “DCC” you can put it behind any of our PA-1 engines made over the years !

IMPORTANT NOTE: This unit has no motor in it, just the Sound Decoder and built in Speaker. Intended to be pulled right behind a motorized locomotive.

– when running on “DC” track, the sounds are pre-programmed so you
can not control them. When you put track power on, you will get the
sound of the engine start up, and as more “DC” voltage is applied
you will get louder engine sounds..
— As you slow down, the engine noise will drop in volume.
— When put in reverse, you will get the engine start up sound
sequence again.

– When running on “DCC” trackage, you have to re-address the PB-1
unit so you have full control over the Sound Package and then can
run in tandem behind the lead locomotive with a different DCC address.

-Over the years many other manufacturers have copied our famous
N PA-1 engine, but our new Sound PB-1 unit can be used with any
other brand of N PA-1, Life-Like/Walthers, Kato, Broadway Limited


We don’t know how many of the “N” PA-1’s we have sold over the years. Many 10’s of thousands for sure.

The Con-Cor PA-1’s were always noted for their great pulling power due to the fact we used all the available space for metal die-cast
weights. Even the latest version re-introduced in 2002 only had space for a “function” decoder because we did not want to cut out the weight to make
room for a larger DCC control board and speaker, which would have reduced the the number of cars the engine could pull to 1/3 or less.

So here is your chance to add Authentic Alco PA-1 Sounds to run on your layout in either “DC” or “DCC”..

Con-Cor Trains will not be able to attend the “Amhurst Big E” show this year as we have in the past.

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But we are alive and well out here in Sunny Arizona (rumors that we closed are “fake news” 🤣)

We have completely revamped out website for easier use (and will continue to do so), and have over 1700 items listed now covering both “HO” and “N”. Most of them at “Sale” pricing, and free shipping on any order over $75.00 to any USA location.

Take a peak today, and don’t forget to “Like” our Facebook page before you leave it if you haven’t, that way you will receive future Facebook posts with information on new items, and more Sale
items as we post them.

Finally, please pass the word along to your fellow modelers, fellow club members, and train forums that Con-Cor Trains is alive and well and we still have some of the 2017 Christmas cars available.

All the best for 2018 🎉

Jim Conway / Founder Con-Cor Trains

Attention: Con-Cor Customers!

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Con-Cor will be closed  From
December 22nd 2017 – January 2nd 2018

New and Improved Search add to the Site and New Shopping Cart Added to the site!

Welcome to the Con-Cor Trains.

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