HO WalthersMainline – Thrall 5-Unit Rebuilt 40′ Well Car – Ready to Run — TTX DTTX #748185 A-E (yellow, black, large red logo, yellow conspicuity stripe


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Modernize your HO Scale intermodal fleet in minutes with WaltherMainline Thrall Rebuilt 40′ Well Cars! As the 53′ container quickly became the standard for domestic shipping, older well cars built to carry 48′ boxes soon fell out of favor with railroads. Most were only a few years old, so starting in 2003 Thrall began a rebuilding program that shortened the wells to the standard 40′ on both single and five-unit cars. Today they can be seen carrying 20′ and 40′ containers in the well, with 40′ and 53′ units on top. Fully assembled and ready for service, the models feature:
100- and 70-ton roller bearing trucks
Correct 36″ and 33″ turned metal wheelsets
Heavy die-cast metal frame for superb performance empty or loaded
Finely molded 3-D brake rods with chains, brake piping and weld lines on body
Separate deck-mounted brake detail with piping, IBC storage boxes and realistic walkways
Proto MAX(TM) metal knuckle couplers


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