Rivarossi Heavyweights Wabash 6 Car Set


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We found some old sample sets on these N Rivarossi 1920-1950 heavyweight
sets in our warehouse.

As you know Rivarossi went out of business in 2003 and some of the tooling
was sold off to other European manufacturers, but the tooling for most of
their N items including the Heavyweight pass cars disappeared. So there
will be no more of these cars ever available.

Your chance to get some roadnames that have not been available for 15
years, only 1 each of these production sample sets available. if
don’t hesitate.

They have no boxes and will be delivered wrapped in soft foam with
authentic Micro-Trains couplers.

If you would prefer the old Rapido style flapper couplers, we can provide
those couplers, but you have to specify when you order, otherwise we will
ship with Micro-Trains couplers.