Pennsy “Keystone” One non-powered FM diesel + 6 cars set


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This is a non-powered display set only and only a very few are available. Con-Cor used the V-Line- “N” Fairbanks-Morse-Erie-Built-Locomotive-Shells in the original collector set in both a powered and non-powered version. The prototype FM units, used Alco running gear, same as used on the Alco PA-1 series locomotives. The paint scheme is of the Pennsy “Keystone” scheme used from late 1940’s to the merger of the Pennsy and New York Central in the late 1960’s. The 6 cars are all Rivarossi heavyweight models, and the paint scheme was never offered by Con-Cor as open stock. It is modeled after the (Note: We do not have any of the powered mechanisms for this model available.) No box for this set either, will come wrapped in soft plastic bubble wrap. Sold as a Complete set only and consists of 7 pieces as follows: #1) All items will come with authentic Micro-Trains operating couplers. #2) Consists of: — One non-Powered FM non-powered diesel unit. — Full Baggage Car — Combine Car — Coach Car — Pullman Car “City of Newark” — Dining Car — Tail end Observation Car