N Scale TriLevel Auto Carrier, New York Central (MT couplers) 114691


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;”N” Scale modern TriLevel Auto Rack Car;Seen all over the USA, Canada, and MexicoUsed to deliver new cars from the auto assembly plants to your local car dealers. On Sale at 30% Off Retail, but only a limited quantity available. I have Multiple car numbers on almost all roads, so if you want more than one I canassort car numbers.; If I run out of multiple numbers, I will eMail you to confirm before I ship your order. ; FeaturesCARS COME WITH EXTREMELY FREE ROLLING METAL WHEELSETS !! compare; prices to other brands that give you plastic wheelsets ! Metal wheelsets alone are worth $6.00 a car ! Factory Mounted Genuine MicroTrains knuckle couplers. Fully assembled and Ready to Run. 3 road numbers in each new paint scheme. 4color printing. Wide Variety of historic and current paint schemesMfg Suggested Retail:; $32.98 per car.

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