N Rivarossi Heavyweights Observation Wabash


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1920-1950 era “N” Heavyweight models

    Used on all major and branchline railroads

    Suggested Retail is $32.98 ea (Included Micro-Trains Couplers)
               Close out Sale Price: $26.77 each

    We found some old stock in the warehouse while doing some spring
They have all been re-boxed, and genuine Micro-Trains couplers added.

    There were orginally 6 different body styles, we do not have all
body styles in all road names. What is shown on the website is all that
we found, all are in very limited quantities.

Note: You might find some of the cars we do not have on eBay or similar

    Available Body Styles:
    –Full Baggage Car
    –Combine Car
    –Coach Car
    –Pullman Car
    –Dining Car
    –Tail end Platform Observation Car


   — All cars have interiors
      (Sorry no lighting kits are available, years ago Rivarossi made
      some lighting kits, but when they went bankrupt in 2002, we are
      unable to get any more.)
   — All cars have metal wheel sets
   — All cars have genuine Micro-Trains couplers
   — All cars will mate and run with Micro-Trains and Bachmann Trains
      heavyweight series cars.
   — Authentic railroad paint colors (Matched from Art Dubin’s Pullman
      Company Original paint chips)

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Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 6 × 2 × 10 in