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Con-Cor offered this “N” Baltimore & Ohio “National Limited”
set as a complete 9 unit set back in the mid-1990’s.
The Original Set was 1 each of the Powered DL-109, one non-Powered
DL-109 and 7 matching passenger Cars.

We recently discovered in the back of the warehouse, some left
overs from this set, and are now offering them as a limited close
out item.

The set will consist of one non-powered DL-109 and 5 matching
“N” smoothside passenger cars all Decorated in the Baltimore & Ohio’s
Blue and Grey scheme with the cars decorated with “National Limited”
on the letter board above the windows.

So Consist is:

1 each:

DL-109 non-powered unit **
Coach Car:      “Youngstown”
Sleeper Car:    “Cascade Bluff”
Diner Car:      “Martha Washington”
Dome Car:       “High Dome”
Observation Car “Washington”

While we do not have powered DL-109’s available, the body shell is
interchangeable with any of the powered units we sold previously, so
if you have, or can find a powered DL-109 you could interchange the
body to make a powered unit for the train.

Note the DL-109 was only ever made by us in straight “DC” mode,
no “DCC” version was ever available from us. Some other mgfs at one
time or another we think copied our DL-109 model, so it is possible
a “DCC” mechanism is out there, but we have no way to know if our
body shell would fit a “brand X” mechanism.