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Great New E-Cig and Mod Lubricant and Kleaner from Labelle Lubes !!

Having a problem of taking apart your Ego stye E-Cig or Mod for
Re-filling? Labelle makes the best Micro Lubricant & Kleaner made
specifically for Ego Style E-Cigs and Mods. Designed to extend the life
and ease of use of your Ego Style E-Cig or Mod vaporizer.

Why do you need a Lubricant and Kleaner for your E-Cig or Mod
devices you ask? Well, from some of our staff’s own experience they
found that after a few days

of use they become hard to take apart as the threads which hold the
components together get gummy from the e-Juice, oils from your skin,
cosmetics you may use etc. and then the E-Cig or Mod will seize up and
be very difficult to take apart.

You do not want to dis-figure your device by having to use a pair or
pliars to take them apart. So by taking a few minutes every few days to
do a little Preventive Maintenance you can make using
your “vaping” device trouble free.

We provided samples of our these products to many “Vapors” and E-cig and juice stores for testing
and get rave comments from everyone on their quality and ease of use.

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