Labelle PTFE Lubes for all R/C, Drone, and small Robotic Items 2-Pak (202+206)


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Hey, Protect your investment in your expensive Radio Control, Drone, and Robotic items !!

Why buy “cheap” lubricants at the local hardware store, for example 3 in 1 lube is mostly just kerosene, and the ever popular WD-40 is
mostly fish oil, which gums up in a hurry and can not withstand high the high temperatures created by high speed motors and gear
sets used in all the products mentioned above.
Or even worse, buy a brand “X” lube from a company you never heard of.

Almost 1 MILLION LaBelle Lubes have been sold through Hobby and Hardware Stores since 1974 = A Brand Name you can Trust

Labelle is made with “PTFE” the parent chemical for Teflon, and has been called “the slickest substance known to man”
This 2-pak consists of one bottle of #202, which is a Hi-Performance mult-purpose Gear Oil
one tube of #206 “PTFE” Hi-Performance Grease
Suggested Retail for the 2 pk = 19.78

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