Labelle 2oz Truck & Car Lock De-Icer with LED Solar Charging Flashlight Keychain


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Be prepared for the upcoming “Polar Roller Coaster Winter”!

Many of you don’t realize Labelle makes a wide variety of
products for the mass market. One of those is an Eco-Friendly
Vehicle Lock De-Icer. (same stuff the airlines are now using!)

Order one or two with your train order today, and keep for use
on that grim day you get up early to go to a Train Show and
find your car locks frozen over.

We are offering a two-some here, the large 2-oz Size De-Icer and a
keychain with LED light so you can find the car lock when
visibility is poor during the storm.

A great bargain at only $16.99 for the 2 items.

(2-Oz De-Icer available by itself for only $9.98)



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