“HO” Yardmaster Office (Fully Assembled with hand painted Decoration)


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“HO” Yardmaster Office (Fully Assembled with hand painted Decoration)

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(Made using the old Revell Models tooling)

Wow what a great model. These are made using the old Revell molds. Most
of you may not be old enough to remember Revell Trains, but they were one
of the early pioneers of Ready to Run Plastic Trains,along with Athearn,
Lindberg, Tyco and Varney. They started their train line in the late 1950’s.

The Revell Structure line was considered the best their ever was in
detail and ease of assembly, originally designed by Al Armatage considered
one of the pioneers of super detail design on model trains.

We have the old business records of Revell, showing they sold tens of
thousands of these structure kits in the first few years after introduction.

Con-Cor bought their train tooling in the late 1980’s and ran a lot of
the molds, but at even that time the molds were 30+ years old and almost
worn out.  Because the molds were giving off a lot of “flash” and the
repair work quoted was quite expensive, Con-Cor discontinued this line of
structure kits about 1995.

But today, a lot of model railroaders don’t want to take the time to
build “kits”, and so Con-Cor made an experimental run of the Yardmaster
Office and had a few hundred assembled and hand painted (so no two are
exactly alike !)

These are NOT mass produced models, so if you like what you see
we suggest you grab one today while you can. We will not be making the
assembled models as “order at any time” item.

Even if you layout is not quite at the stage yet where you can
use it immediately, we urge you to buy one and put it away in a safe
place, so you have one when you need one, and can design your yard area
around it.


–These would be found around yard facilities from the early
1900’s till the late 1970’s, but on some small branch lines
maybe much later.
–Comes fully decorated and assembled.
–Windows simulated with acetate plastic
–Does not come with any signage, you can add decals of your choice
or print decals using your inkjet printer to customize the model
to suit your modeling era.[Embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUSIo66Tvvw[/Embed]

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