HO U-Haul Kansas on SSW Red Flatcar


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We are please to announce the release of our HO 54 Ft Flatcars with a single U-Haul HO truck body as a load. The load is “removable” so the modeler can either run the car with the load mounted, or use it as a scenery detail item, or create a scene with the truck body being unloaded. Features: -Detailed HO 54 Ft Flatcar with brake wheel. -Roller Bearing Trucks -RP-25 33″ Metal wheel sets -Industry compatible operating knuckle couplers -Load is Ho Scale truck body for what U-Haul called the “SuperMover” series, full decorated on all 4 sides, movable roll up loading door at rear of truck body. Available in 12 different States, quantities are very limited and item will not be re-run once sold out.


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