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Lubed with Labelle and Tested Runs very well
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Locomotive History

The GG1 was a class of electric locomotives built for the Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR), in the northeastern United States. Between 1934 and 1943 General Electric and the PRR’s Altoona Works built 139 GG1s. The GG1 is a straight AC machine, the supply being reduced in voltage only, not rectified, for use by the twelve AC traction motors, two per driving axle, thus necessitation the lower than standard frequency.

Steam for train heating and powering train air conditioning is supplied from an oil fired boiler within the loco, a small chimney for which is located on the roof.

The GG-1 entered service with the PRR in 1935 and later ran on successor railroads Penn Central, Conrail and Amtrak. Timetable speed limit for the GG1 was 75-80 mph until October 1967 when some were allowed 100 mph for a couple of years; when Metroliner cars were being overhauled in the late 1970s, GG1s were again allowed 100 mph for a short time when pulling Amfleet cars on trains scheduled to run 224.6 miles from New York to Washington in 3 hours, 20–25 minutes.

The last GG-1 was retired by New Jersey Transit in 1983. Most have been scrapped, but sixteen are in museums.

This HO Scale GG-1 was built by Rivarossi in Italy for AHM. Rivarossi GG1 is a fine runner and very smooth because the motor is mounted vertically and a worm drives the wheels directly rather than through a series of shafts. The unit has fine detail. Associated Hobby Manufacturers (AHM) imported models in various scales from many parts of the world. The late 1960s and 1980s, during 70’s 80’ saw a successful period for this hobby company. The Amtrak locomotive release from AHM was its GG1 electric locomotive. Debuting in the early 1980’s and coming from Rivarossi in Italy.