HO – Rivarossi 4-6-4 Hudson Locomotive U.S. Army “NO TENDER” 0007-00010


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Scratch & Dent, and “Found” Items

Notice: In doing some warehouse cleaning we come across old items that
were used at Trade Shows, or left overs from old production runs.

We would not call these “new” items as in some cases the boxes
some some wear, or in some cases no boxes at all. So they are being sold
“as is” where is. No returns accepted on items from this category.

This is an older Rivarossi 4-6-4 that runs only on “DC”, It was from
a Special Run we did in the 1980’s of a U.S. Hospital Train.

We found two locomotives (No Hospital train cars were found)

The Locomotive is all there, but will not run without a tender (Or use it for spare parts.)
(We noted some of the metal handrails tend to come loose, but they
are easily refitted back on the locomotive.)

The is NO BOX with this item, it will come wrapped in bubble wrap.
Has old style Couplers