HO P-54 Long Island- Tichy Gray with White Roofs – Coach #145 1-94101


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Available in 2 body styles:   Coach Car, Combine Car Models of the Long Island P-54 Commuter Cars Repainted in Goodfellow Gray in the mid 1950’s Dashing Dan logos were starting to be added in February of 1959 Originally designed to run behind steam engines, they also ran behind electric and diesel locomotives Some of the remaining Steam Era P-54 cars shopped in the late 1950’s got a major overhaul so they could be used as “trailer cars” on electrified sections of the Long Island behind powered “MU” units. The “trailer P-54 cars” got 3rd rail pick up shoes, so they could pick up power from the 3rd rail, and this eliminated the need for axle driven generators on each car. They also had additional equipment added to the underbody of the car for processing the higher voltage of the 3rd rail, as well as some extra battery storage, and other modifications so they could be compatible running with the MU powered equipment. Most of them also got the latest Goodfellow dark gray paint scheme with the Dashing Dan logos. Operational Note: “HO” Models are scaled from 65 Ft long cars . Will run easily on 18 Inch radius. (Full scale 85 ft long cars as made by other manufacturers need at least 24-26 inch radius to operate properly.) Features: • Highly detailed car bodies, with separate wire handrails, and full interior details • Complete with factory installed.interior lighting that works automatically in either “DC” or “DCC” mode • Accurate paint and printing to match authentic railroad colors. • Complete under-body details (14 individual parts) • Operates comfortably on 18 inch radius curves • Super Detailed trucks,with very free rolling RP-25 metal wheels, and working knuckle couplers.

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