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The “OY” Snow Plow was built in 1923 and was originally built with
standard gauge trucks, which were kept at the Alamosa roundhouse. But it
spent almost
its entire life with 3 Ft narrow guage trucks underneath it.

It was last used in the 1990’s for special excursion winter train. (There
was a video of this excursion train made, not sure  if still available.)

The Con-Cor model will be made from the information gathered from the
existing “OY” Snowplow as it exists today in the Chama Yard using
photos and information gathered by the Con-Cor staff, as well as the
excellent book on the “OY” Published by Rick Blanchard, Cameron Turner,
Mike Conder and Tim Mulina in 2005.

Finally, you probably have already seen our Ads for the famous
D&RGW “OY” Rotary Snow Plows. A PDF order form is also enclosed on
these. Expected towards end of 2018, with the sounds and action of
the Rotary in action on a DCC chip.

And don’t think of this item as only an “HOn3” item. It was built for
the D&RGW orginaly as a Standard Gauge Plow, and later converted to 3 Ft

Also many other railroads bought similar looking Rotary Snow Plows in
the 1890’s-1930’s from American Locomotive Works (Using the Cooke & Leslie patents), including the Great Northern, Santa Fe, UP, SP, CN, CP etc
(A complete list can be found in the “SnowPlow” book by Gerald M Best.
the D&RGW

Most Rotaries underwent modifications, re-building over the
years, so final appearances changed over time.

Don’t be confused, a Rotary was NOT self propelled, it did have
its own steam boiler to activate the Rotary blades but was always pushed
by a locomotive. So our model is NOT self propelled. The DCC unit and
motor, spin the Rotary wheel, and will have synchronized sounds of the
steam boiler,exhaust and whistle operation.


The model is just in its early design stages, but Con-Cor will try to
re-create the model to the high standards now expected in the model railroad

-Museum Quality Detailing on Snow Plow and matching tender
-will come with a working snow plow Blade
-Available in both a DC/DCC dual mode (non-sound version) and a
DCC full sound version.
-Available in both an “HO” Standard Gauge and “HOn3” Narrow Gauge Version

-More details will be posted as the Design stage prgresses

Retail Pricing:

Final Retail pricing will depend on how many advance orders we get
to see how we can amortize the tooling.  We hope to keep the model
retail price under $500.00 but this is only an educated guess, since the
production will be in 2018 and no idea of how much the China factory
may increase basic pricing between now and when actual production

We will offer an “Installment Payment” Plan for those of you who may
choose to use it. Similar to Plans we have offered in the past on the
more expensive items.

But in this Pre-Order (Advance Reservation) stage we ARE NOT asking for
any deposit, Once we get closer to actual production we may ask for a

However be advised if we do not receive enough Pre-Orders we reserve the
right to cancel this project, so if you have any serious interest at all,
please place a Pre-Order Reservation at this time. We need at least 500
reservations to proceed.