HO Rivarossi Old Time 1880’s – 1920’s Durango & Silverton – Yellow/Orange (Coach #Durango #327)


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Hi Folks, we found some of the older “HO” Rivarossi 1880’s passenger
cars “Kits” in the warehouse. Offering now at special close out of
on $28.88 (A $36.98 value), they will come to you re-fitting them with
McHenry working Knuckle Couplers (compatible with all other
major brands of “HO” Couplers”as well as the couplers used on the
Con-Cor “HO” 1880’s cars.

Please note the old Rivarossi models had a “Duckbill” Roof with flat
ends, our newer series of “HO’ 1880’s have curved arch ends
on the roofs. So just like the real railroads you can have a variety of
styles in your mixed passenger train. The colors are
also a bit different, as the Rivarossi cars were painted about 20 years,
using a different paint formula than we now use. (required now by
modern EPA standards), but again this is prototype, as the colors on a
string of passenger cars on the real railroads always
varied somewhat due to the age of the cars, exposure to weather
conditions etc.

Note: These come as kits, only take about 15 minutes to assembly using
simple tools such as a hobby knife, small screwdriver


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