HO MUmP54 Powered Pennsylvania Keystone – Car #483


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Pennsylvania Railroad nicknamed
them the “Bride & Groom Units”

 Powered Units come with a circuit board with an 8 Pin NMRA
Standard Socket set for adding a “DCC” Decoder if you so choose. They will
just fine on “DC” Tracking out of the box as long as you leave the “Bridge”
mounted into the Socket set as it comes from the factory. -Each Powered unit
will come with a 8ohm Speaker that is easy to mount to the underside of the
roof, with wires long enough to reach to the Speaker wire connectors on the
8 Pin NMRA Socket location. So if you choose to add a “DCC” Decoder with
Sound it will be easy to harness the Speaker to the proper location. -If
this will be just a “booster” power unit you want to run in “tandem” with a
unit with a Sound Decoder, all you need to do is add a “Function only”
decoder in the 8 pin NMRA Socket set and program it to what ever address you
so choose. -These options make this run of the MUmP54 fully compatible with
the prior runs of these models made by Con-Cor.

Con-Cor DOES make a Sound Decoder for these models. It has Authentic
MUmP54 sounds, including the correct Wabco whistle. Order Item
#0001-006009 $84.98
does also make a “Function Only” Decoder for these models if that is the
way you want to go, Order Item #0001-006020 $42.98
NOTICE: If you order an MUmP54 Unit directly
from Con-Cor and wish to have a Con-Cor  “Sound or Function
Decoder”  factory installed for you it will be tested before
shipping without any labor charge for 
installing the Decoder. Just add to the Notes
Section of  the Check Out Screen. You will be contacted to
confirm payment for your MUmP54 Units and Decoder Unit at the
same time.
we can not Install a decoder at a later date for FREE, they must be
ordered at same time, so they can be mounted at the China factory for
you. If this is not clear to you, please email our office. But you can
buy a decoder later at the normal price and install yourself, or have a
“buddy” do it for you.

• Accurate dimensions per Pennsy Railroad plans
• Complete Underbody Details (Many individual pieces)
• RP-25 Metal Wheelsets
• Industry Compatible working Knuckle couplers
• Working Prototype Pennsylvania Brass Pantographs
• Pantographs can be made to pickup Cantenary power by sliding switch on
interior PCB board
• Rarely modeled “Grounding Switch” on roof next to Pantograph
• Working Headlights at each end of the cars
• Authentic Paint Schemes based on PRR Historical Society Help
• Built in Interior factory
lighting (Works in either DC, or DCC automatically.)
• Two Powered Trucks per powered unit, belly mounted motor, so we can detail
interiors as much as possible.
• Both Trucks have photo etched pilots factory mounted.
• Complete Interior details
• Accurate paint schemes (Per PRR Historical Society and other reference
materials per time era.)