HO Gondola /with Resin Tie Full load Pennsylvania Railway – Boxcar red (01)


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Replacement of the wooden ties is an endless maintenance of way project
on all railroads. Even those of the major railroads that have converted to
concrete ties have hundreds of miles of sidings and spur lines that still
have wooden ties.

These Con-Cor HO 54 Ft Gondolas come with highly detailed and painted
cast resin loads of railroad ties headed for the recycle yard.

Two versions of tie loads exist within each road name, a car fully
loaded with ties, and another about 1/2 loaded.

Other features:

Features of the Con-Cor “HO” 54 Ft Gondola with Resin tie Load.

— Decorated in Authentic color schemes
— Metal RP-25 Wheel-sets
— Operating Magnetic Knuckle Couplers (Compatible with all major brands)