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All Decoders Sounds are built to order with appropriate sounds as needed, so make take us a few extra days to ship than our normal 3-4 business days for most orders.
Turn around time may vary depending on quantity and type ordered.FEATURES for Con-Cor “HO” Function only Decoder for MU-Mp54 cars

#1) The reason for a Function only Decoder is needed for some of
the MU-Mp54 cars is some folks what to run a longer train of the
MU-Mp54’s need to run two (or more) Powered units in tandem, but
only need the lead unit with a “sound” unit.

All decoders can be re-addressed as needed so you can run the
units in Tandem as needed to have control over the non-sound powered

#2) More detailed information on the various decoders can be found on
the Con-Cor website:

Go To:

And click on the decoder instructions of your choice.

#3) Con-Cor function only MU-Mp54 cars use a Digitrax* platform,

* We are proud to tell you All Digitrax products are MADE IN THE USA.

#4) The MU-Mp54 function comes with the NMRA 8 Pin Socket Set connector

#5) We at Con-Cor are not decoder experts, if you have a technical
question about
any decoders, please contact the Digitrax “Help” desk direction in