“HO” ElectroLiners 4 Car Set #01-008717  Undecorated


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We have been out of the “HO” ElectroLiners for quite some time, but we
found one an undecorated set in the warehouse.

• New, still in the original box however it has some small scratches on the nose.

• Runs OK, but we would recommend a complete cleaning and relubrication
with Labelle lubes before any extensive running because its been sitting in the warehouse.

• Runs on “DC” out of the Box but decoder could be installed for “DCC”.

• This turned out to be a fantastic model, and we doubt it will ever we re-run as the China factory minimum run is well above expected sales
at this point in time.

Features to note on our new ElectroLiner….

• Comes as Complete 4 Car Train Set
• Full interior, including motorman. This is possible as we designed the ElectroLiner with a underfloor drive train.
• Full lighting, and NMRA 8 pin DCC ready plug. (Decoder not supplied with model)
• For a Function Decoder you can use a DigiTrax DZ143PS or similar decoder by any other brand.
• For a Sound Decoder you can use a DigiTrax SFX004 Soundbug Decoder (we have provided a location for the Speaker to fit upright in the vestibule between the doors of the powered locomotive unit. Or any other brand sound decoder that will fit available space.
• However, be advised we do not know of a set of existing Sounds you can use for the ElectroLiner, one of the various Decoder companies may provide some sounds in the future, or you might find some on the Web once the model is released. But so far, we at Con-Cor have been unable to find any Sounds we feel suitable to recommend to you.
• Lots of underbody detail, even with underfloor drive train.
• All 4 cars have full interiors and lighting
• Rubberized diaphrams between each car.
• Sprung fully operating Trolley Poles (Comes from factory set up for standard 2-rail operation,but by removing locomotive body shell and shifting small slide switch the power pick up chages from 2-rail to overhead.)
• Reversing headlights
• We know the HO ElectroLiner will run on 10 inch radius at a slow speed. Depending on quality of your trackwork it will probably run on a tighter radius at slow speeds.