HO Billboard #1 Deuce’s Parts Billboard (Lighted using WS Just Plug System)


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Con-Cor Comments: 
There are 5 different bill boards in this series, each one has a different design. So choose carefully to fit your layouts "era"

Also note, we see no reason if you have some modeling skills and a decent color printer you could not design and print your own art image and exchange with the one that comes with the Billboard you select.

Head over to the local bike shop to make sure you're ready to hit the
road. Deuce's Parts & Repair guarantees town residents know where to go.
This billboard features a lattice structure and stands out along any
building or highway.

This Billboard includes pre-installed LED lighting made for use with the
Just Plug® Lighting System. 20mA RoHS Compliant.

Colors may vary from actual product.

You will need a Woodland Scenic Just Plug Hub and Power supply,
to use the LED lighting system on this model. 

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