HO 40 Ft Dole Refrigerated Container Bobby Banana on Skateboard (4-83002)


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     HO 40 Ft Refrigerated Container Dole “Bobby Banana”  Container (2pak)
Model comes factory painted and lettered as shown
Collect the whole Series:
Bobby Banana with “Crossed Legs”   2pak     Bobby Banana “on a Skateboard” 2pak
Bobby Banana with “Basketball”  2pak   Bobby Banana with “Soccer Ball” 2pak
And Bobby Banana on “the Golf Green” with container chassis
Model on Golf Green is only one Container on one Container Chassis (a  set) This item will not be ready till end of May



Comes fully assembled and decorated.
Each container in the package has a different ID number
Ready for service on any layout with “Intermodal” trains or facilities
Authentic paint schemes

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