HO 2600 Cu Ft Airslide Covered Hopper (R.T.R)2 Pak – Nerbraska Consolidated mills


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HO Scale 2-Pack 2600 Cu Ft Airslide Covered Hopper 2 Different Car Numbers. The Airslide covered hopper was introduced by General American Transportation Corporation (GATX) in 1953. Approx. 5000 of the 2600 cu. ft. cars were built between 1953-1969. The Airslide is primarily designed for the bulk shipment of dry, granular or powdered commodities. The design of that car is such that it can be loaded and unloaded quickly and with little spillage through the use of air pressure. The most common commodities carried include: flour, sugar and starch. Cars come completely factory assembled and Ready to Run (R.T.R)

• Completely Assembled Model
• RP-25 wheel sets on brass axles
• Working knuckle couplers, mates with all major brands
• Authentic paint schemes
• 2 Different Car Numbers

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