“N” #6 “WYE “Turnout (Code 60) – Quality Track by Shinohara (#5-009605)

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“N” #6 “WYE “Turnout (Code 60) – Quality Track by Shinohara (#5-009605)


Both legs of this switch are angled as a WYE, one drifting to the left and the other drifting to the right. equivalent to about a #6 switch “N” Switch. Also note these are code 60 rail.

Found in back of our warehouse in a mis-marked carton, only 10 pc left.



Con-Cor Comment:

Shinohara has been out of business for some time, but Con-Cor imported Shinohara directly for many years in the 2980-1990’s  The “factory” was actually in the back  of of a Hobby Shop in Yokohama Japan and only about 30 Ft x 50 ft) Senior Shinohara passed away some years ago and family closed the business as the Yokohama (Japan) Real Estate was so valuable and sold to it to a developer.