Important Information #03) Order Processing Time Table

Question: I sent you an order a few days ago and do not have it yet.

We tell everyone to allow about 1-2 weeks for the order to reach you. This is broken down as follows:

  1. a) We process all orders (phone, Email, Snail mail, and Website) in order of receipt. So it may be a few days before your order even works its way to the top of the pile. (Weekends and holidays are not counted)
  2. b) If we do not have 100% of your items on the shelf, but we have the components in the warehouse of making it up, your order goes to the packaging/assembly ladies who will pack up or assemble as many of your remaining items as possible from components in the warehouse, it may take an additional few days for your order to reach the top of the pile in assembly. (Weekends and holidays are not counted)

So remember, we are not a “store” where we either have or do not have the item on the shelf and can just drop in a box for you the day the order arrives. Many products are actually custom assembled for your order, and that takes extra time. The Upside to this is that we can offer a much wider assortment of products for you to select from and enjoy.

  1. c) Once the order comes out of assembly it usually takes about 2 days to process and ship the order. (Weekends and holidays are not counted)
  2. d) Then it takes about one day for every 300-400 miles you are from Tucson Arizona for the package to arrive at your door. Most packages under 6 pounds go U.S. mail, over 6 pounds go FedEx Ground Service. International Packages will take longer order email or International Form.

Important Information #04) Delivery Time to your Door.

Therefore it may take up to 1-2 weeks for the package to arrive at your door, but most orders take about 3-4 days. If ordered through our website you will receive a tracking number via email or you may find it under your account.