The Golden era of Rail Transportation in America
65 Scale Ft long, they will comfortably run on 18″ Radius.

New Car body to join the “BCS” fleet by end of 2015 !!
New Tooling for Parlor-Lounge-Buffet Car

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A new Parlor-Lounge-Buffet car coming from Con-Cor in 2015 A perfect fit to the existing cars, this car is ideal for those short run branchline, commuter, and suburban trains. At one end of the car is a Buffet serving area for drinks and snacks for the short distance travelers. 4 Dining car booths with tables ajoin the Buffet area. The 2nd half of the car consists of two Lounge areas, one Smoking, and one non-smoking. Cars are a scale 65 Ft long to match other cars in this series, and will easily run on 18 inch radius.

Cars come with highly detailed interiors, and full lighting that works on both DC and DCC trackage. Ready to super detail with figure sets. (Not included)

Cars come in paint schemes and colors that match our previous roadname releases in this series, and we offer 2 different car numbers on each roadname. (Yes it would be appropriate to run more than one of these cars in a train, as some routes would need more than just 4 diner booths, and more accomodations in the lounge area for those who might want to enjoy their trip with a beer or wine. (Not to mention a cigar).

Retail price $84.98 per car.

Baggage-Mail Cars (01-94310 Great Northern Empire Builder Shown)

Below is the Baggage-Mail car lettered for Great Northern. The baggage compartments were also often used for REA express shipments.

Combine Cars (01-94362 Canadian National Shown)

Below is the Combine Car lettered for Canadian National. Combine cars were common on branchline, milk-run,mail, mixed, and through trains. The baggage compartments were also used for less-than-car-load shipments.

Coach Cars (01-94208 Milwaukee Road “Hiawatha” Shown)

Our new Coach car is shown below in the Milwaukee “Hiawatha” Paint Scheme. Coaches (or Chair cars as they were known on some lines) were found on commuter, suburban, local, mail, milk-run, mixed, inter-city, in fact just about all passenger trains but the most exclusive Limiteds!

Solarium Observation Car (01-94411 Pennsylvania “Fleet of Modernism” Shown

Solarium cars, shown below in a Pennsylvania paint scheme, have been rarely modeled, and yet they were a very popular car during the heavyweight era. On some roads they were called “Solariums” and on other railroads “Sun Room” cars, but all had the same features… Tall windows in the parlour area at the rear of the cars to bring in sunlight. The Pullman company built untold numbers of them between 1928 and 1931. Most went into “Pullman” pool service, meaning they ran with the Pullman name on them and with Pullman employees on board. Because they were Pullman owned cars, and only leased to the various railroads they often do not shown up on rosters of specific railroads, but yet, here they were running at the end of many of the most famous heavyweight passenger trains. Many were built for specific railroads, so for example you can find photos of them in books on the Burlington, Great Northern, Canadian Pacific just to name a few. Many changed hands over the years. For instance, the four Solairum cars on the Burlington, were later sold to the Pennsylvania. Solariums were also used to provide first class service to coach passengers on shorter inter-city runs.

Please notice the rear of train Red tail lights on the back of the Solarium car, as well as the large rear windows at back end of the car.. even the staff here, was impressed by the look of these cars When lighted up!

     Also, you can get a glimpse of the “Sizzors” Gate detail that will be included on each car, This is a very fine “gate” the quality of which you normally only will find on an exepnsive Brass model !

 All railroads had some cars in its passenger fleet that were used in local or branchline service. Often these were older cars that had spent the prime of their life on the mainline “name train” inter-city service. Some railroads like the C&NW, Southern Pacific, Pennsylvania, and Canadian Pacific had hundreds of cars in their commuter fleets.

 No two railroads used exactly the same designs for their cars, and the lengths of the cars varied as well. Also many cars were sold off as “hand me downs” to smaller roads to be used on mixed train branchline service. So these cars could be at home on any prototype railroad, large or small.

We chose to model them as 65 Ft long cars, so they would run on 18 inch radius curves of the average home layout. The time era for these cars stretched from the 1920’s to well into the late 1950’s.


  •  Highly detailed car bodies, with seperate wire handrails.
  •  Complete with factory installed Interior lighting that works automaticly in either “DC” or “DCC” mode.
  •  Complete underbody details (14 individual parts).
  •  Operates comfortably on 18 inch radius curve.
  •  Highly detailed working car end diaphrams.
  •  Highly detailed scissors gates at end doors.
  •  Multiple car names and road numbers.
  •  Very free rolling RP-25 metal wheels.
  •  Highly accurate paint matches.
  •  Working knuckle couplers.
  •  Complete interior details.
  •  Super detailed trucks. 

         The same fantastic car lighting system used on our HO mP54 series of cars will also come built into this new series of B.C.S. series cars…