Hi Everyone, we here at Con-Cor wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, and a Healthy and Prosperous New Year!

Con-Cor will be closed from 24th December until Jan 5th to give our employee’s a welcome break and a chance to visit distant relatives (If they choose to do so).
We will continue to accept orders on our website during that time period and will start filling orders again on Jan 5th in sequence by the Date received.

We also know we are a bit behind on filling current orders, and we apologize for that, but due to local Curfew restrictions by the City of Tucson, we are not able to work as many hours as normally could, we will do our best to get caught up as much as humanly possible before we close on the 24th.
Thank you for your patience with us during these Covid-19 times and
Restrictions on Business Operating Hours.
Jim Conway
Con-Cor Trains

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