Great New Announcement from Labelle Lubes !!
Two New Lubes for the RC and Performance Race Car Market

Both Contain “PTFE” which has been called “the slickest substance known to man”
Our chemists have finally solved the issue of keeping the “PTFE” in suspension so it does not settle to the bottom of the bottle while sitting on the shelf.
Now you get “PTFE” all the way down to the last drop in bottle !
These Fanastic new lubes have far more uses than just the high heat and friction of your RC and Performance Race cars, just click below for a long list of Suggested Uses for these new Labelle Lubes.
Extended uses for our new Labelle 202 and 206 Products

And we have not forgotton our Model Railroad Roots !

Labelle #102 has been also re-formulated to include “PTFE” and is better than ever!


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Labelle© Lubes are Manufactured by Con-Cor International,Ltd. Tucson, Arizona.  
Labelle© name owned by JMC Corporation and used with permission.