Do not depend on Wm K. Walthers to supply you with all the Con-Cor Trains
Product Line!

Walthers has dropped the ball!

Is your fill rate dropping on orders you are sending to Walthers?

You are now invited to order your Con-Cor products direct from
the Con-Cor warehouse at a 50+ 4% discount. Min order $250.00 Retail

Remember the old Walthers campaign “Your Dealer can get it from Walthers”

Well that program is now “dead” according to an email we got from one
of Walthers top people. Walthers policy on what products to carry out
of a manufacturers entire product line will be determined arbitrarily by

Even if the product(s) are advertised in the Walthers 2016 catalog
Walthers may not carry any inventory on them. But rather than be
honest and up front about this, their web site will continue to just
say “not in stock”, and delivery “Unknown” Even though Walthers knows
(or can easily find out) many of the items are sitting on the shelves of
the smaller manufacturers (such as ourselves.)

We don’t know how many of the smaller manufacturers this effects, but
it certainly affects our product line in a big way. We have about 2,000
products on the shelf here (or can be made up out of components on the
floor in our warehouse)

Dozens and dozens of these items Walthers shows as delivery “Unknown”
but we have them sitting on the shelf here.

Even some of our newest release products that are in the Walthers 2016
catalogs, are not listed in Walthers on line data base. Photos of
products we sent them for the catalog & their website, are used in the
catalog, but not on their website.

Now we want to point out that Walthers is a good company, and can
make whatever management decisions they want to. But they need to be up
front and tell everyone they have changed a very major “promise”
they they made to the Industry: “Your Dealer can get it
from Walthers”

But as mentioned above now it appears that they have changed their
policy so that it is no longer true. So while you can get some of the
Con-Cor line from Walthers you cannot get all of it anymore.

Here is the “back story” on this situation…

Turmoil in the Walthers purchasing dept. has resulted in many customers
being advised that delivery on a large portion of our product line is
“Unknown”. This is in fact not true. There are dozens and dozens of our
products (if not hundreds) which Walthers does not have on their shelves
and lists the re-stock date at Walthers as “Unknown”, while we sit with
shelves full of the same items.

The Truth is they are just not ordering new items on a timely basis and
once sold out on the handful of products that they do order, they are
not placing orders to re-stock the sold-out items. They just tell the
customers that delivery on our product is “Unknown”.

In the meantime Walthers has raked in close to $500,000 in advertising
revenues from the H) and N 2016 catalogs.

If this change in policy has been told to us BEFORE we took ad space
in their Catalogs, we, and I am sure many, many other manufactures
would never have spent the money to take out ads in their catalogs.

So we believe we were “duped” into taking out ad space that in effect
is worthless.

In many cases, while we have supplied photos of the new products for
their website, they don’t use them. They show blank spaces so that the
customer is left to wonder what the items look like. They do not even
use some of the photos on their website that we gave them and they used
in the 2016 catalogs.

We paid over $5000 to advertise our new items delivered in 2015, and some
new items for 2016 in the Walthers 2016 catalogs. Yet, we have many of
these items sitting on our shelves and Walthers has them marked as
delivery “Unknown” in the Walthers wholesale database. Possibly, we have
lost tens of thousands of dollars in sales on product we advertised in
the Walthers catalogs and that we can ship directly off of our shelves.
But they only tell people delivery is “Unknown”.

Only about 20% of the people who find out that delivery is “Unknown” on
an item may want to allow Walthers to “Back-Order” that item. So our
sale is lost forever on the space that we PAID for in the Walthers
catalog.  Since Walthers does not allow us to list our own website in
their catalog, the customers reach a dead end when they see the product
labelled delivery as “Unknown”.

We have sent Walthers emails about the above issues and they have never
replied to our emails.

We suspect that there are many other model railroad manufacturers in the
same boat. You as a Dealer should be aware of this change at Walthers
and not mislead your customers about the availability of product based on
what Walthers tells you. Your customers will find out it is not true and
complain to you and not Walthers.

So to repeat, you are most welcome to order directly from Con-Cor Trains
at the new Dealer discount schedule of 50 +4%** This means your cost is
48% of the Retail price.

Then even by giving the retail consumer a 20% discount off list price,
you can still make a 40% markup over your cost on all Con-Cor products.

You can order 24/7 online at:

You can also order via Phone, but we only have one incoming phone line
for orders and it is often tied up. So we suggest placing an Email order
is probably the fastest way.
Our Dealer Toll Free number is #888-255-7826
Hours: 9:00am to 3:30pm Monday-Friday, Mountain Standard time.

**Our basic dealer terms effective immediately 28th Jan 2016 will
be 50% off Retail Plus a 4% cash discount if paid by Credit Card,
of if you are on “Open Account” if payment received with 15 days
of Shipping your order.

There are a handful of items that will remain at the 40% discount
such as limited supply collector Sets etc.