You can now place Pre-Orders for MUmP54s and Snow Plows. Customers that pre-order get a discounted price! (Out of stock items that will be reproduced will be added to the list)
and remember all Pre-Orders are ZERO DOWN! and can cancel at anytime.)

A couple things to remember if you would like to pre-order an item, each pre-order item must be purchased singly on separate orders due to a limitation in our current software. ( we will be fixing this in coming months) Our software keeps you updated with status via email and your “My Count” page. Once the item ships we will send an invoice via email and account notification. If you do not respond we contact you by phone. Once Payment is received your item will be shipped when available.

UPDATE: If you have tried to order before it was fixed you need to clear your browser cache and refresh the page and/or cart.
Please let us know if you have any issue Pre-Ordering.