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 Con-Cor Products are not intended for Use by any Children Under 14 Years of Age

Greetings to everyone, 

Inflation 8.3% Yikes. I know everyone reading this is trying to pinch pennies and save as much as they can on purchases.

Most model train items have gone up, but not that much. And on top of that most items you have to pay Sales Tax On. That’s on average another

6-7%+ percent. But do you realize if you live anywhere outside Arizona in the USA, Con-Cor does not have to collect Sales Tax on your order?  Yep, that’s true. We are a small enough company we only have to collect sales tax on sales within Arizona.

So if you buy a $200 Locomotive from us,(or $200.00 of assorted goods from us) you will save $ 12.00 to $14.00 on your your total check out price.  

So when you are shopping around and find someone advertising a price that is a few bucks cheaper than us, mentally ad that 6-7% Sales tax you will see on your final bill.

(And that includes places like Ebay and Amazon they have to collect Sales Tax from everyone also.

Hopefully, things will start to improve later this year. 

 All the best
Jim Conway
Con-Cor Trains 

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