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Hi Everyone..

We have all been there. Our favorite monthly model railroad magazine shows up and we flip the pages and see a product review of a
new Locomotive and you say to your self “wow got to get one of the  those!” so you get on the phone and check with your favorite Hobby Shop
and ask if they have one… reply is “nope, and my usual wholesaler is out of them already also” So you go on line and start checking..
and find everyone is sold out already due to the magazine review.

That’s happened to me also, as I am not only a Train mfg, I am a true train buff and have the 10×20 room full of stuff to prove it!

You all know for years now just about all the major importers have been selling stuff on a Pre-Order basis, and adjust their production
runs accordingly, with maybe only a 10%-15% over run. They would rather sell out, than have inventory sitting in their warehouse.

So I am going to provide you with a list of items we will accept  Pre-Orders on, and with a small deposit, we will get your model
ordered for you with name on it, and once it arrives to our warehouse, send you an invoice for the balance remaining.

Which you will have the choice of paying the full amount due immediately, or using our “lay-a-way plan”, paying 50% of the balance
then and the last 50% of the balance on the model 30 days later. Once  fully paid we will ship your model off to you.  That’s it, not complicated at all.

But we do have to caution you with all the west coast ports being in some cases many weeks behind unloading the container ships, the
estimated delivery dates are only a best guess and can not promised as “firm”.

Just go to the new Sub-Category “Pre-Orders HO” or Pre-Orders N” on our home page to see what items will be available for Pre-Order.
We will be adding many more Manufactures ever week, so check back often the lists and your choices will be rapidly expanding.

If you do not see an item that you have an interest, please send an email to our main email address “concor@con-cor” and we will see if we
can locate the item and put it on Pre-Order for you. This applies to  only Locomotives from one of the major model train manufacturers.

Regards Jim Conway
Con-Cor International,Ltd.

(A name you can trust, been in continuous operation for model trains
since 1968, that’s 53 years)


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 Con-Cor Products are not intended for Use by any Children Under 14 Years of Age

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