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The “OY” Snow Plow was built in 1923 and was originally built with
standard gauge trucks, which were kept at the Alamosa roundhouse. But it
spent almost its entire life with 3 Ft narrow guage trucks underneath it.

It was last used in the 1990’s for special excursion winter train. (There
was a video of this excursion train made, not sure if still available.)

The Con-Cor model will be made from the information gathered from the
existing “OY” Snowplow as it exists today in the Chama Yard using
photos and information gathered by the Con-Cor staff, as well as the
excellent book on the “OY” Published by Rick Blanchard, Cameron Turner,
Mike Conder and Tim Mulina in 2005.

Please share this information with your Modeling Friends and if you can post a notice about this project from Con-Cor on your favorite modeler forum.

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