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Add a touch of realism and excitement to your layout with our structure and building kits

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To view product photo: Place mouse pointer over the camera picture (Click me for an example ) that follows the product description, and wait for image to appear. To close the picture window click the icon. All measurements are approximate.

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Scale Description Retail

Anytown USA
0002-000655 N Weekly Herald Newspaper SOLD OUT SOLD OUT

Industrial Buildings and Structures
0002-000654 N Superior Bakery SOLD OUT SOLD OUT
0002-000675 N Appliance Warehouse $10.98 $2.99
0002-000680 N Nuclear Power Plant SOLD OUT SOLD OUT
0002-000686 N Warehouse/ Machine Shop SOLD OUT SOLD OUT
0002-000689 N Ironworks Boiler House SOLD OUT SOLD OUT
0002-000691 N Shipping And Receiving SOLD OUT SOLD OUT
0002-000685 N Cambria Iron Works SOLD OUT SOLD OUT

Other Structures
0002-000695 N High Voltage Power Line Pilon 1pc SOLD OUT SOLD OUT
0002-000690 N Electric Sub Station SOLD OUT SOLD OUT
0002-000687 N Waste Water Recycling SOLD OUT SOLD OUT
0002-000688 N Natural Gas Storage SOLD OUT SOLD OUT
0002-000692 N Fuel Tanks SOLD OUT SOLD OUT
0002-000694 N Fuel Depot SOLD OUT SOLD OUT

Labelle Model RR Hook-Up Wire
0430-006001 ALL Single Conductor $ 3.99
0430-006002 ALL Dual Conductor SOLD OUT
0430-006003 ALL Triple Conductor SOLD OUT
0430-006004 ALL Quadruple Conductor $ 6.89

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