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"HO" Structure Kits

These structures are part of our Thanksgiving 2010 Sale. Sale Expires Jan. 3lst 2011, or when item is sold out. All items available only in limited quantity.
See Sale Prices Below

These models will be Retired When Quantity on Hand is Sold Out.

Add a touch of realism and excitement to your layout with our structure and building kits

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Scale Description Retail

Cambria City
0002-009056 HO Cambria Storage Tanks SOLD OUT SOLD OUT
0002-009059 HO Cambria Welding Shop Sold Out Sold Out
0002-009061 HO Cambria Fuel Depot $17.98 $8.88
0002-009062 HO Cambria Fuel Tanks Sold Out Sold Out
0002-009063 HO Cambria Fuel Rack $16.98 $8.88
0002-009064 HO Cambria Tire Shop $15.98 $ 7.88
0002-009054 HO Cambria City Iron Works SOLD OUT SOLD OUT

Any Town USA
0002-009035 HO Fall Harvest Stock Theater Sold Out Sold Out
0002-009036 HO School House SOLD OUT SOLD OUT
0002-009038 HO Weekly Herald SOLD OUT SOLD OUT
0002-001791 HO Mountain Top Inn SOLD OUT SOLD OUT
0475-000543 HO Robert Shaw Wine & Cheese SOLD OUT SOLD OUT
0002-009052 HO The "Stock Yards" SOLD OUT SOLD OUT
0002-009053 HO Hardware Store SOLD OUT SOLD OUT
0002-000717 HO Freight Transfer SOLD OUT SOLD OUT
0475-000475 HO Jan's Ice Cream Parlor SOLD OUT SOLD OUT
0475-000476 HO Mickey's Fruit Stand SOLD OUT SOLD OUT
0475-000477 HO Globe Newspaper Building SOLD OUT SOLD OUT

Industrial Structures
0002-001714 HO Moxham Soap Works Sold Out Sold Out
0002-001704 HO Butane Company SOLD OUT SOLD OUT
0002-009041 HO Crane & Lumber Yard SOLD OUT SOLD OUT
0002-009058 HO Warehouse/ Freight Transfer SOLD OUT SOLD OUT
0002-009070 HO Northstar Glass Factory SOLD OUTt SOLD OUT
0002-009072 HO Overhead Crane With Access $24.98 $12.88
0405-009404 HO Freight Warehouse SOLD OUT SOLD OUT
0405-009402 HO Paint Shop w/ Dumpsters SOLD OUT SOLD OUT

RR Buildings & Structures
0002-009032 HO Yardmaster Office $ 11.98 None
0002-009033 HO Engine Crew Shanty $ 11.98 None
0475-000616 HO Station Platform w/ Figures SOLD OUT SOLD OUT
0002-001001 HO Canadian Wood Water Tank SOLD OUT SOLD OUT

RR Bridges and Piers
0002-009031 HO Stone Creek Bridge SOLD OUT SOLD OUT
0405-009691 HO End Bridge Piers SOLD OUT SOLD OUT
0002-009039 HO Bridge & Trestle Set $14.98 $ 6.99

Other Structures
0002-009950 HO Electric Transformers-Set of 2 SOLD OUT SOLD OUT
0002-009010 HO Telephone Poles Set of 8 SOLD OUT SOLD OUT
0002-009071 HO Chimney 5 Story $16.98 $6.99
0002-009073 HO Industrial Fence Set SOLD OUT SOLD OUT

Other Accessories
0002-009011 HO Steel Coils Set $ 3.49 $ 2.99
0002-009068 HO Detail Spru Set (not painted) $ 6.98 none
0002-009074 HO Detail Spru Set (Painted) $11.98 none

Labelle Model Railroad Hook-Up Wire
0430-006001 ALL Single Conductor $ 3.99
0430-006002 ALL Dual Conductor Sold Out
0430-006003 ALL Triple Conductor Sold Out
0430-006004 ALL Quadruple Conductor $ 6.89

More "HO" and "N" items can be found at the following links.(Some with up to 50% Discounts.) Sale Expires on Jan. 31st 2011, or when quantity on hand is sold out. All items in limited quantities.

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