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Con-Cor is our Manufacturing Division founded in 1962. Our USA manufacturing plant is now in Tucson Arizona where we make a lot of our HO and N rolling stock, and some addition we have a wide range of off-shore suppliers / agencies that we buy components or complete products from are sold under our brand name in the USA.

Our normal distribution pattern is that we sell to your local Hobby Shop, and we urge you to support your local hobby retailer.

However, we also know that many cities and outlaying areas do not have a reliable dealer, and thus we also accept direct orders from individuals may use Mastercard / Visa, Discover Card, American Express or pay with Check. (No COD's Please).


Repair Policy

Con-Cor dDOES NOT maintain a general repair department for model trains. If you have an older train that requires service / repairs we suggest you contact a local hobby shop or model railroad club and see if they know someone who can do repairs / service for you. We are more than happy to sell them the necessary parts (if available) as outlined below.

Con-Cor does have a customer satisfaction policy which means that if you have bought one of our products within the last 30 days and find a problem, we will be happy to fix or replace that product for you. All you have to do is call our office at (520) 721-8939 and asked about the problem. If it is sometime that we can fix easily (such as a missing part/ broken coupler etc)..we can mail it to you right away. If it seems to be something more complex you will be given a return authorization number and asked to return it, together with the receipt from whom you purchased it showing the purchase date,to us via insured mail or UPS. (We will not accept returns without a return authorization number.) We also can not be responsible for damage to models that have been returned to us uninsured.

Then we will be fix or replace the item for you and return it as soon as possible. (Allow at least 3-4 weeks turn around time. Some repairs may take much longer.)

The above policy has been a result of our company receiving many "claims" and "returns" for merchandise that was purchased used from a private party, train flea market etc. and the new owner tried to get us to replace or fix the used merchandise....that you for your understanding in this matter.



We only stock parts at our Tucson, Az plant for items made in the USA at that plant. We also have limited parts for the other manufacturers we import, but it has been very difficult in recent years to get repair parts out of some of these foreign companies such as Rivarossi, we apologize in advance for this inconvenience. but we have no control over the situation at Rivarossi or other manufacturers and sub-contractors we deal with.

Parts for older models may not be available. Of the over 2,000 items in our product line, some have been around since the mid-1960's and have gone thru several upgrades/retooling thru the years..and parts for many older versions are simply not available, sorry. Thus when requesting a part (especially for a locomotive) we need to know the age of the loco, or better yet, send in old part so we can try to match it (a burned out motor for example), again, for a locomotive, if it is older than 4-5 years we probably do not have parts.

Parts for some brands such as Rivarossi are especially impossible to replace,as during the 1980's and again in the late 1990's and year 2000 Rivarossi went thru a lot of financial upheavals and many of our parts orders to them went unfilled.

If you do have an older model, for which parts are no longer available for, ask about a "trade in" credit on your old model against a newer version...for example if you have an old version of our N PA-1, we will take the old model in trade for a new version (now retailing for $69.98) for an exchange price of $40.00 plus $4.00 postage and handling. Trade in an old N J3a for a new one (retailing for $179.95) for $100.00 exchange price plus postage and handling. Similar trade in arrangements are available on most other models...

Also a word on matching paint....thru the years we have gone thru several paint supplies, and under EPA regulations it is impossible in many cases to match the color paint we use on models today to the older lead and heavy metal based paints the railroads used years ago to paint their passenger cars and locomotives. We try our best to match, but it is difficult, and a model painted some years ago we can not match the color exactly again today due to similar reasons.

Common repair parts lists can be found on this site:

'HO' Scale Common Parts List

'N' Scale Common Parts List


Con-Cor International (main warehouse, for all parts and regular merchandise orders) See on line order form for shipping/ handling charges that apply on all orders.). (Sorry NO COD's) You can use MC/Visa,Discover Card, American Express, or personal check/money order ...if you do not feel comfortable sending your credit card # via E-Mail you can Fax your order in or use snail-mail. (Note however, Con-Cor will keep your credit card number on file, so once you have an established account you can place future orders using e-mail and only give them your customer ID number -then they can look up your Credit card number on file,so you do not have to send credit card information along with your future orders.) If you want to goto our online order form click here.

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