"N" Scale GS-4 Wartime Version 4-8-4

Front of Wartime version of the GS-4

Left Side of Wartime version of the GS-4

Right Side of Wartime Version of the GS-4

Con-Cor is pleased to annouce a limited re-run of the "Wartime Version" of the "N" GS-4 now in stock as of June 2006.

The model will include a DCC friendly Printed Circuit board with the NMRA 8 pin DCC connector for ease in adding a DCC decoder of your choice. (Decoder is not included in the price of the model.)

The GS-4 Class 4-8-4 built for the Southern Pacific originally had shrouding below the walkways to make the engine appear more "streamlined". These special locomotives wore the orange and red "Daylight" scheme recognized around the world. This paint scheme was acclaimed by some as the most beautiful engine ever made.

During World War II the shrouding was removed and the locomotives were painted black for ease of maintenance. Moving troops and war materiel (mostly at night) had priority. The removal of the shrouding exposed all of the steam piping and water pumps underneath and made the locomotive look even more impressive.

The GS-6 class of 4-8-4 Northern locomotives were built during World War II and were very similar to the earlier pre-war GS-4's. The main difference between the GS-4 and the GS-6's where that the GS-6's only had a single headlight. Some of the GS-6 class were immediately assigned to the Western Pacific* by the U.S. Government to assist in moving Wartime traffic.

The GS-6 engines carried the nickname of "War Babies".

Our Wartime GS-4 models will be available in the early Fall, and we are accepting reservations now. Please order early to avoid missing out on the first run. We expect the run to sell out quickly.

Retail Price $298.98

0001-003875	Undecorated
0001-003876	Cab # 4430	Southern Pacific (only handful left from this latest re-run)
0001-003877	Cab # 4435	Southern Pacific (only handful left from this latest re-run
0001-003878	Cab # 4438	Southern Pacific (Sorry SOLD OUT)

0001-003879	Cab # 481	Western Pacific (Sorry SOLD OUT)
0001-003880	Cab # 485	Western Pacific (Only a handful left)
0001-003881	Cab # 486	Western Pacific (Sorry SOLD OUT) 

*The Western Pacific paint scheme will be applied to
GS-4 "Wartime" models. These are not GS-6's.

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