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As of Oct 1st 2016, about 90% of the products have moved over to the new site, but you WILL FIND the Remaining items, as well as some Additional SALE ITEMS still here on the "Heritage Website" This Heritage Website will continue to be maintained and continue for extensive product information, technical information and historical background on many of the models we produce.

Manufacturing Scale Model Trains For Collectors Since 1962 !
We will Celebrate our 54th Anniversary in March 2016

Notice: None of our products are intended for anyone under 14 years of Age

Welcome to the Con-Cor Trains "Heritage" website.
You will find here some of our older items and additional Sale items that have not been moved over yet to our new "Mobile Friendly" site.

If you are new to our site, we suggest you click on the link below to go to this "Heritage Wesbsite" Site Map page which is an index of all our catagories and topics on this "Heritage Website", and by doing a mouse over on any topic it will give you a clickable list of the web pages within that topic.

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Latest new "HO" Gondola cars with loads..
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New "HO" 54 Ft Gondolas with
Stainless Steel Coil Load
5 Paint Schemes !
HO 54 Ft Gon with Stainless Steel Coil Load

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"Mobile Friendly" website Container List
New "HO" 54 Ft Gondolas with
Fiber Optic Coil Reels
4 Paint Schemes !
HO 54 Ft Gon with Fiber Optic Reel Load

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"Mobile Friendly" website Container List
New "HO" 54 Ft Gondolas with
Varieties of Resin
tie loads
8 Paint Schemes !
HO 54 Ft Gon with varieties of <br>Resin Tie Load

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"Mobile Friendly" website Container List

Don't forget your Labelle Lubricants, Track and Locomotive cleaning aids!!
The leader in Model Railroading Lubrication since 1975
Almost 1,000,000 Sold !!

Labelle Lubes kit

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Model Railroad Lubes

The above products are all proudly made in the USA !!

Great New Announcement from Labelle Lubes !!
Two New Lubes for the highly demanding Remote Controled Robotic and Drone Market
Both Contain "PTFE" which has been called "the slickest substance known to man"
Our chemists have finally solved the issue of keeping the "PTFE" in suspension so it does not settle to the bottom of the bottle while sitting on the shelf.
Now you get "PTFE" all the way down to the last drop in bottle !

These Fanastic new lubes have far more uses than just the high heat and friction of your Remote Controled devices such as Robotic arms in factories, Flying Drones,model R/C aircraft and R/C boats , just click below for a long list of Suggested Uses for these new Labelle Lubes.
Extended uses for our new Labelle 202 and 206 Products

The dates shown on our various web pages of new items are still a "best estimate" and can not be guaranteed.

Can you Assist us ?
       While we forward information on our new items to over 800 dealers, we find many of them do not always pass along the information on new forthcoming models to their customers. Too busy I guess. Anyway, if you are a member of a Forum or Modelers Group we would appreciate you passing along information on our new models to that Forum or Modelers Group so the word gets out on these new products. At recent Train Shows we find people surprised to find out about some of our new items that we had annouced to Dealers month's before, and their dealers had never told them about the new items. Thanks in advance for you help.

Con-Cor Train's Pre-Order System allows you to reserve any of the forthcoming models that is being made by Con-Cor Trains, or one of our Marketing Partners months in advance of delivery We will contact you when the product is available to ship so you can re-confirm your Pre-Order before we ship anything to you.

All the major Train manufacturers are now going to an "Advance Reservartion" system, and if you do not place an order before the items Pre-Order closing date you may miss out on getting the model entirely. By ordering from Con-Cor Trains prior to the closing date, we guarantee we will have a model available for you when they become available.

Here is a link to the Con-Cor Pre-Order Program starting in October of 2015.

LAY-A-WAY Program Available !!

Con-Cor Trains also offers a "Lay-A-Way" plan for paying for the more expensive models. Once the model arrives, you will also have the option of paying a Deposit to hold the model for you, and then paying off the balance over the next few months.

Con-Cor Order Line

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Con-Cor has a new Facebook page !

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Weekly Sale Specials will Start being Posted on Facebook in Dec 2015 !
Our Factory Outlet Store will offer savings not only on Con-Cor products, but on many other popular model train brands as well.
You will also be able to place Advance Orders (Pre-Orders) for new products being announced by most of the major model railroad manufacturers
up to 6 months in advance of delivery. Never miss out on a "limited run" item again!

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