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Thrifty Scotty's
Yard Sale

This new Sale starts 12 March 2013
and will expire
midnight 30 Jan. 2014
Or when items are sold out.
Featured Item on This Page:
"N" APL 1990's paint 53 Ft Containers
Only $9.97 ea
while Supplies last !

Making Room for lots of New Container Paint Schemes,so "out go the old !
For links to new Container paint schemes go back to the Con-Cor main web page.,

Remaining Yard Sale 2013 , Up to 75% off Retail on some items !

Minimum order $20.00 assorted items, plus shipping and handling, please see our order form page for ordering details.

Notice:All Items in very limited quantites, orders filled in order of receipt to our office.

Special Yard Sale Pricing may not be combined with other Sale Discounts or special offers.

Over 100 "HO" and "N" Vehicles for you to choose from. We have broken them down in 5 pages for easier viewing.
Click Here to go back to the Index page for all Yard Sale Items.
See below to Save up to 75% Now on our wide line of Route 66 Brand "HO" and "N" Vehicles.

"N" Containers (Sealand 53' Container 2/Pk 0004-053005 Shown).
You will find "N" 40 Ft, 45 Ft, 48 Ft, and 53 Ft Containers listed below. All come in 2 packs.

We will be adding lots of new container paint schemes later this year, if you have any photos of Containers we might not normally see down here in the Southwest please Email them to us so we can consider adding to our line.
Just Email to "" and put "Container Photos" in the Subject Line.

Photo of Model Shown
All Models Ready To Run
Stock Number
Sale Price After
Santa Fe 45' Container 2/Pk 0004-005239
Quantity: Check out now
$8.97 ea.
Model Railroading 60th Anniversary 45' Container 2/Pk 0004-006205
Quantity: Check out now
$ 8.97ea.
BN America 48' Container 2/Pk 0004-048006
Quantity: Check out now
APL 53' Container 2/Pk 0004-053001
Quantity: Check out now
$9.97 ea.
BN 53' Container 2/Pk 0004-053004
Quantity: Check out now
$9.97 ea.
Sealand 53' Container 2/Pk 0004-053005
Quantity: Check out now
$9.97 ea.
APL #2 53' Container 2/Pk 0004-053010
Quantity: Check out now
$9.97 ea.

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