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Limited stock on hand, will sell out quickly at this price.
Was $249.98 Now Special Sale price $159.99

Mechanism comes with built in 10 pin PC board,ready for DCC Decoder installation.**

      NOTE: Photo shows lst production run model with a Soundtraxx brand Decoder installed. The Con-Cor Goose, DOES NOT COME with a Decoder, it only has the NMRA 10 pin socket set installed on the printed Circuit Board, ready for you to install a Decoder.

     You have a choice of buying a Soundtraxx decoder. (not sold by Con-Cor), or a Special Sound Decoder made by DigiTraxx exclusively for Con-Cor Trains that has correct Galloping Goose Sounds Pre-Loaded, the correct speaker and speaker sound chamber for our Galloping Goose... all for the low price of $64.98

     Order 0001-006008 Galloping Goose Sound Decoder $64.98

HOn3 "Ready To Run" Galloping Goose with Wayne Bus Body (Tourist Version).

Images might not be available for all items.
Stock Number
Retail Price
Rio Grande Southern #5 Wayne Bus Body (As is at Delores Colorado) . 0001-004151
Sale $159.99 ea
Quantity: Check out now
   $ $249.98
Sorry no photo of Undec. Available Undecorated HOn3 Tourist Goose (Wayne Bus Body) same as shown above, but painted Silver, no other decoration.numbers. 0001-004150
Sale $159.99 ea
Quantity: Check out now
   $ $249.98
HOn3 Tourist Galloping Goose, Wayne Bus Body, lettered for Denver & Rio Grande Western. 0001-004152
Sale $159.99 ea
Quantity: Check out now
   $ $249.98
Sorry no photo of Decoder available. DCC Sound Decoder for "HOn3" Galloping Goose models.numbers. 0001-006008
$64.98 ea
Quantity: Check out now
   $ $64.98

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