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Con-Cor's Christmas Car Program Continues for the 39th Year !
The 2010 car started the first in a series of "Reindeer Cars"
  • 2010 Car was the "Dasher" Car.
  • 2011 Car was the "Dancer" Car
  • 2012 Car was the "Prancer" Car
  • 2013 Car was the "Vixen" Car
  • 2014 Car was the "Comet" Car
  • 2015 Car will be the "Cupid" Car

Photo of draft of 2014 Artwork shown below.
Draft of the 2015 Car should be ready by Mid-August, but reservations being accepted now.

If you are a collector of this series, we really urge you to get your 2015 cars ordered immediately
as we expect to ship them about 15 Nov 2015,
All Limited Run items subject to prior sale.

0001-00015H 2015 HO Christmas Reindeer Boxcar # 5 "Cupid" Due Nov 2015, Retail $ 26.98

Quantity: Check out now

0001-00015N 2015 N Christmas Reindeer Boxcar # 5 "Cupid" Due Nov 2015, Retail 26.98

Quantity: Check out now

Just for Fun Bonus Car for 2015 below.
Not part of our annual series but we will be making a very limited run of less than 100 pc of this Christmas Tri-Level with Santa's Helper on the side.
Note: Final artwork not finished and will be more complicated than the sample artwork shown below.

0001-14795 N "Santa's Helper" Tri-Level Car Due Nov 2015, Retail $37.98

Quantity: Check out now

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     We have a very limited stock on a few of previous year Christmas cars as shown below. (No, sorry we do not know where you can find Christmas cars from prior years, you will just have to check on Ebay, or at Model Train Shows/Flea markets in your area for the older ones.)

     Some of these are in Very Limited** If item is listed has a ( ** ) it means we have less than they maybe sold out when you order.

Old items listed below are NOT on our shopping cart check out system, you will have to order manually using manual Order Form (link is provided about 2 inches above this note, or directly by phone to our Toll Free Phone # (also shown above.)

"HO" Christmas cars still available from Piror Years.

  • 0001-00099H 1999 Car 12 days, 2nd day, Two Turtle Doves $15.98
  • 0001-00004H 2004 Car 12 days, 7th day, 7 Swans $16.98
  • 0001-00009H 2009 HO Christmas Boxcar, 12th car, 12 Drummer's a Drumming $19.98
  • 0001-00012H 2012 HO Christmas Boxcar, Prancer Reindeer, $23.98
  • 0001-00013H 2013 HO Christmas Boxcar, "On Vixen" Reindeer, $23.98
  • 0001-00014H 2014 HO Christmas Boxcar, "Comet" Reindeer, $25.98 (Sorry Sold Out)

    We have limited quantities of these prior "N" Christmas cars still available

  • 0001-00002N 2002 Car 12 days, 5th day, 5 Gold Rings** $15.98
  • 0001-00003N 2003 Car 12 days, 6th day, 6 Geese a laying $15.98
  • 0001-00005N 2005 Car 12 days, 8th day, 8 maids a milking$15.98
  • 0001-00006N 2006 Car 12 days, 9th day, 9 Ladies Dancing $15.98
  • 0001-00009N 2009 N Christmas 12th day, 12 Drummer;s a Drumming $19.98 each
  • 0001-00010N 2010 N Christmas Car, Dasher $22.98
  • 0001-00011N 2011 N Chrismtas Car, Dancer $22.98
  • 0001-00012N 2012 N Christmas Car, Prancer $22.98
  • 0001-00013N 2013 N Christmas Car, On Vixen -- Sorry sold out.
  • 0001-00014N 2014 N Christmas Car, "Comet" Reindeer, $25.98 (Only a few left)

  • We have limited quantities of these prior "HO" Christmas Trucks still available.


    Retail Yard Sale Price

  • 0004-001995 HO '95 X-mas Truck "Candy Canes" 14.98 8.49
  • 0004-001996 HO '96 X-mas Truck "Fruit Cake Truck" 14.98 8.49 (This series was discontinued in 1998)

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