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     We are all aware of the decline in the availablity of Train Sets in mass market outlets. The number of local full service hobby shops is also dwindling. When I got my first train set in the late 1950's the annual sales of Trainsets was in the "millions", today it is in the tens of thousands.

     But the interest in model trains remains strong with the general public, maybe because most of the adult population today over about 40, had a train set when a kid, and it is still a Chirstmas Tradition for either the Father, or Grandfather to buy his little boy a train set when the boy reaches about 8-9 years old.

     This is why shows like the World's Greatest Hobby on Tour, draw huge crowds.. the Show just outside Philadephia this past Jan. 3rd and 4th drew over 40,000 people, think about that number, 40,000 !  That is more than Home and Garden Shows in many areas draw.

     Visitors to the Show are amazed by the current status of model trains. The extraordinary detail on the models, and all the Electronics in use today. It stimulates their desire to buy a train set for there family.

     Any of you who have worked at Train Shows knows the endless stream of questions about the Hobby, and where can they buy this or that to get Started, (Hey I can see you nodding your head Yes, Yes.)

     About 7-8 years ago some of the Industry Leaders donated the funds to create a DVD on "How To" build a basic HO layout. This was narrated by the famous Movie and TV Star Michael Gross who has been a life long Train Fan. (Even though the DVD talks about HO, the same principals would apply to a layout in any scale.)

     For whatever reasons this excellent Video has not been readily available in recent years. Not even at the World's Greatest Hobby on Tour Shows, which it was designed for to be available for those who wanted to find out more about, and perhaps start there first Model Railroad. No good explanation why it is has not available for sale at the WGHOT shows.

     But now Con-Cor Trains ( a member Sponser of the WGHOT Shows), is making this Michael Gross Video, Titled "World's Greatest Hobby" available at a special price to Show Promoters, and Clubs and Individuals who have running layouts at any Train Show , not just the WGHOT Shows..

     It comes in a professional "DVD" clam shell box, with 4 color sleeve. And better yet, Con-Cor Trains is donating copies of our Labelle "How To" DVD on the Maintenance and Lubrication of Model Trains as part of this package at no charge.

     So the Public will get 2 "DVD"s in one package.. The WGHOT DVD PLUS the LaBelle DVD.

     We are making them available to clubs etc for the low cost of $4.75 ea (in batches of 12, so they would be only $56.00 postpaid ) So they can sell them at the shows... Reg Retail on the WGHOT DVD was $12.95, The LaBelle DVD Retails for $14.95, so the public will get a $27.90 value at a very low price.

     Depending on the Show location we recommend you re-sell these for say $8.99 (Keep it under $10.00) and pocket the profit to Club to help re-imburse the Club for travel or Show expenses or whatever the Club wants to do with the money.

     I know all the clubs get hundreds of people asking them about the layouts they display and how to get started in model trains, and often their is no local hobby shop anywhere near by to send them to. This was for the small price of the DVD they can walk away with an hour video telling them how to get started. Clubs can use the profit to defray expenses at the shows, or whatever... this is not a big money maker for anyone, but something to reach the public with... We will also provide "11x17" Posters advertising these DVD's at no charge the Club can tack up to the side of their modules letting the Public know the DVD's are available.

Let me hear from you, and I can give you all the details on this DVD program. And don't forget to also read about our Gift Certificate Drawing which is also available to you below.

Jim Conway

Con-Cor Trains

PS: We are aware in some areas the Clubs do not have "Resale Tax License Permits". (Although in some areas sales of these DVD's may be considered "incidental sales" and no Permit Required. But as a Club you could approach one of the Dealer Vendors at the Show who has a booth opposite your display Layout, and ask him how much the sales Tax is, and just collect the funds and pass along the sales tax to that Show Vendor who has a Local Resale Tax License, and he can include your sales with his Tax Report and remit the appropriate sales tax amount for your club.

$25.00 Gift Certificate Drawing Offer from Con-Cor

     As a Partner to our Special "How To" Introductory DVD on Model Trains, we also offer Train Shows the Opportunity to hold a $25.00 Gift Certificate Drawing at your Show.

     Con-Cor will provide the Gift Drawing Box, Entry Form Tickets and some signs at no charge to your Club. In addition we will pay for the return of the Box and all the Entry Forms. You can either pull the winning Entry at the conclusion of the Show, or we can do it back in our office upon the return of the Box and Entry forms to us.

     We do not require the winner to be in attendence at the end of the show. If your club decides to do the drawing, then we just ask you mark it somehow so when we get the Gift Certificate Entry Box back we know you already drew the winning entry.

     The purpose of the Entry and drawing of course is to be able to follow up with existing model railroaders, and or / people who wish to start a Model Railroad.

     Con-Cor will use the information supplied to do a follow up Email or direct mail piece.

     We of course encourage all your club members to also sign up for the Gift Certificate drawing, the drawing is not just for the general public, but also for all existing model railraoders of all Scale Interests. Club Members can then expect to receive further Discount and Special Sale offers sent to them that are not available to the general public.

It is Simple for your Club or Train Show Organizers to Participate in this Program.

     Your cost on these special DVD packages is only $56.00 for 12 DVD sets. That's only $4.75 each, and better yet, we send them postpaid to you anywhere in the USA. (Sorry 12 is the Minimum # you can order, and please order in mutiples of 12 if you want more than 12). But they have no expirary date, if your club or organization does more than one function a year, or does a Christmas event at a shopping mall etc, these are perfect for you...

     We recommend you sell them in the $8.99- $9.99 price range to the public, but you are free to charge anything you want.. so at $9.99 you double your investment. But you have to gauge your crowd, sometimes at shows a $8.99 price works just fine. At an expensive show, yuou might want to try $10.99, but keep it under the normal retail so it is a "value" to the consumer. You are free to sell them for whatever price you wish to. And if you want to give one away to a local lending library that is just fine also. (That's why we put "Ask Here about Special Show Price" on the Poster.

     You will also get a couple of our Free Posters as shown above with the DVD's at no additional charge as well.

We will need at least 3 weeks notice before the date of Your Show:

     Please contact us as early as possible, to send a package from our Tucson warehouse to say, upper New England, or South Florida can take 7-8 working days. So please contact us At Least Three weeks prior to your show date, as it will take our warehouse a few days to process your order.

     Also make sure you give us a complete street address to where the DVD's, Posters, and Drawing box can be sent to where someone will be during the day to accept the package, we do not want them to go astray is just left on someone's doorstep.

Make Sure you let us know if you want a Drawing box in addition to the DVD's sent to you.


     You can send us a check ( $56.00 even for every 12 you want) or have one of the club members furnish us with his credit card # and we can do a credit card charge, and then you can reimburse that club member out of Club funds.

     Con-Cor Trains has been making Scale Model Trains for the serious Model Railroader and Collector since 1962.

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