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You can have confidence in dealing with Con-Cor Trains, the following typical comments were received from customers about our Service and Products.

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Ref: "N" Scale Passenger Cars:

Received my set of N&W passenger cars Saturday and I am exceptionally pleased with them! Thank you so much for the layaway program!

Thank you again for your assistance and for the passenger car set! They are really very good and I can hardly wait to match them up to my N&W 4-8-4 #606 as a consist on my schedule!

Have a Merry Christmas and a prosperous and healthy New Year!


Bill W.

Editor's Comments:
We have improved our rolling stock line over time. Currently we now offer all our N and HO rolling stock with working knuckle couplers. We will continue to improve our products as technology advances.

Ref: Labelle Lubricants:

Gentlemen –

Just wanted to tell you that Labelle 105 track conditioner is a life saver. I recently had a HO layout on display at the WV State Fair. The train had to operate 12 hours a day for 9 days, in a less than perfect environment for trains (beside a large open door with plenty of foot traffic and a lot of dust).

After fighting the trains for a couple of days using alcohol and bright boys, I finally decided to try out the Labelle. The improvement was dramatic. I went from constant cleaning all day/poor overall performance to one cleaning in the morning and comments of “how do you get your trains to run so smooth”?

Thanks for a great product!

Jerry J. (West Virginia)

Editor's Comments:
Labelle Lubricants have been the preferred lubricant by Model Railroaders since the 1970's. The lubes we provide today are vastly improved over their 1970's version. Including some with **PTFE which has been called "the slickest substance known to man" and is the parent chemical of "Teflon" which is registered trademark of Dupont Chemicals.

Ref: Replacement parts supplied to Customer:

Yes, you can use my comments (with or without name) anytime you want. Your potential customers should know how well you treat customers and the good products you sell!

Donald R., (Tenn.)

Editor's Comments:
Unfortunately we always do not have all parts available, especially for items made more than 7-8 years ago. For a discussion on parts go to our Web FAQ page at: http://www.con-cor.com/webFAQ.html and look at section #09.

Re: Running of our Pioneeer Zephyr Models (which is typical of our products)

We are renewing track and scenery, so allowing the beautiful Zephyr to run smoothly and with grace. My "N" layout is what I term a "Presevation society" wich allows me to run rolling stock/locos etc being universal. You will see in one photo as it resides next to a rake of Norfolk & Western( your box set) being hauled by a 2-8-8-2 ( model power)behind that is a 0-4-4T UK Southern Region.Also partialy hidden B.O, a rake of UK "Blood & Custard coaches, then a green bavarion 2-8-0 with oldtime express six wheeler coaches. I have a large collection not least two boxed collection limited editions. of Con-cor "Cardinal Visit to New York. All in red. ( The loco being a Rivarossi pacific) so only sees the light of day every so ofter.The collection I like best is the coloured K.C.S Belle. You make railroading a pleasure with quality products. Thank You

Peter Watson (Wimbledon. U.K )

Editor's Comments:
Thanks for the comments Peter, as you might know we have a very large section on E-bay just devoted to those who collect Con-Cor brand Trains, and some of our older items are highly sought after and bring high bids. These are not only "collector's" bidding but also just model railroaders who want a unique and quality product for their model train layouts.

Ref: Product Reliability:

Just a quick thank you. Received the Pioneer Zephyr and extra car order and when I test ran the train it ran perfectly and very smoothly over a relatively bumpy loop of track. I am quite impressed at how smoothy and readily it ran.

Great job on a quality product.

George P.

Editor's Comments:
Thanks for the comments George, we are model railroaders ourselves here and work hard to make a model you will be proud to own.



I sent you an order on March 30 for an H0e steam engine train set, as well as four-pack of trash cars. Yesterday there was a notice in the mail that a package had arrived, an today I picked it up at the Post office!

Pretty impressive, don't you think?

Sincerely yours,

Björn F.

Nacka, Sweden

Editor's Comments:
We can't always be this quick, but we try to. Many items are custom assembled just for YOUR order so it takes a bit longer. (We are a manufacturing plant, not a retail store and that allows us to offer a far wider range of products to you.) For a discussion on parts go to our Web FAQ page at: http://www.con-cor.com/webFAQ.html and look at section #02, #03

Pre-Orders and Quality of Con-Cor Trains Products.

Thanks for the discussion. I had forgotten about not being obligated if I reserve.

I rode those cars for years on the Paoli commuter line on the Main Line going west out of Philadelphia. It is hard to believe that there are hardly any left on the rails … it seemed that there were thousands of them!

I’ll have to put my name on the list of those reserving units. I purchased a couple sets of the pre-war versions of the standard Mp54s and was very pleased with the fidelity to the prototype. I have every reason to believe that this offering will be no different in quality or fidelity. They will be Con-Cor!

Bill M.

Lehigh Acres, FL

Editor's Comments:
For a discussion on our "Pre-Order" and "Lay-A-Way" programs go to our Ordering page at: " http://www.con-cor.com/orders.htm"

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