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Savings can vary on product and scale, see expanded explaination below.
Refer to actual Sales Flyer sheet for exact Discount offered.
All Sale Pricing expires on a particular item 30 days after posting on our web site, or when item(s) are sold out.
Sale Pricing may continue beyound 30 days on an item at our sole discression. If in doubt check with our Office Sales Team.

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     Con-Cor Trains is now offering products from many other model train manufactuers in addition to our own products. To help with your modeling budget, most are being offered at a 20% discount when you place Advance orders (we call them "Pre-Orders" for new items.)

     Con-Cor's Marketing partners:

 Save 20% on all Walthers Model Train products at Con-Cor Trains Factory Outlet Store ®

Walthers ® is by far our largest Marketing Partner, and has about a hundred new items announced each week either to be producted by Walthers, or one of the Model Railroad Companies it distributes. Virtually all of these items you an save up to 20% on by Pre-Ordering in advance. (See a more detailed explanation on our Walthers® program towards the bottom of this page.

     Each "PDF" listed below. Part #1 are New product arrivals and are actually available (subject to prior sale, sometimes) items almost totally sold out due to advance Pre-Orders. These usually run to about 5-6 pages in each PDF. Part #2 of each PDF are "Advanced Reservations" . (Another 5-6 pages usually) These are products jsut annouced by the various manufacturers for future delivery. If you see something of interest to you, we urge you to Pre-Order the item so you don't miss out.

     Where possible we have included a photo and Estimated Delivery Dates on them. If no photo is shown, or no delivery date shown. We do not have that information at the time these pages were created. (Sorry but we do not go back and Update these pages, we are always "rolling forward" with new pages and information.

     To find a photo of an item not in a highlighted box, (or at a later date than the PDF was published), you can follow the directions at the bottom of each PDF page.. as often photos appear on line at the Manufatureres web sites some weeks after they formally "announce" the product.

     If you need to contact about anything (Email is best choice), give us the "Page Number" at the bottom Right of each page that the item you are asking about appears. Sorry, but our Sales staff will not be able to give updates on release dates on new items. As we usually only know when an item is due, is when it shows up in the warehouse.

"HO" New Arrivals and New product Announcements:

      On our lst set of PDF's sent out for 23 Aug, some of you might have experienced a problem opening the "PDF"s. We have now corrected that problem and all links below should work 100% OK with all Browsers now.

     Tip! When closing a displayed photo "click" the "Back" Key or Arrow to return to the PDF Document. If you click on the "Close" Button, it will not only close the photo, but also will close the PDF.

"N" New Arrivals and New product Announcements:

     Tip! When closing a displayed photo "click" the "Back" Key or Arrow to return to the PDF Document. If you click on the "Close" Button, it will not only close the photo, but also will close the PDF.

     We will be Posting new "HO" and "N" PDF's on alternating weeks. The next PDF for "N" Scale will be posted on/about Sept 20th.

Here are a few of our other marketing Partners we are very proud to represent.

Company History:
      Con-Cor has been manufacturing and selling model trains since 1962. Our products are sold all over the world, and many of our "limited run" items are treasured by collector's.

     Con-Cor Trains is one of the few manuafcturers of Model Trains that still has a factory in the USA (Tucson Arizona), and still manfacturers a large percentage of our products here in the USA.

     In addition to our own product line, Con-Cor also distributes over 200 other model train companies products direct to the public covering all the major Scales & Gauges of Model Railroading...

  • "N" Scale (1 / 160 Proportion) Discounts usually 20% off Retail
  • "HO" Scale (1 / 87 Proportion) Discounts usually 20% off Retail
  • "O" Scale ( 1 / 48 Proportion) Discounts usually about 15% off Retail
  • "On30" Scale (1 / 48 Proportion, but runs on "HO" Track ) Discounts usually 15-20% off Retail
  • Lionel (Roughly 1 / 48 Proportion, but runs on O-27 Track which makes a 54 inch circle ( 4 Ft 6 Inches) Discounts usually 15-20% off Retail
  • ---Most Grandpa's out there had a Lionel Train when they were a little boy, Lionel is still in business today.
  • "Large Scale", sometimes called Garden Railway, as they are designed for use outside. Discounts usually 15-20% off Retail

Knowledgeable, Friendly and Helpful Staff:
     We here at Con-Cor are very proud of our our staff that answers the Phones, Emails, and helps you our customer with your order. Together they represent over 100 years of accumulated knowledge about model trains, from the Beginner's Train sets, to the Limited Run Collectable Items. (Some days can get pretty hectic around here, so if you get a busy Signal, please leave a voice mail, with the subject of your call, daytime phone number, and best time of day to call you back.)

     So if you are just buying your First Train Set or an experienced model railroader, we will value your business and help you as best we can.

OK, How can I save up to 20%:

     Glad you asked. There are two ways you can get up to 20% off on most of your model railroad purchases.

     (#1) Most manufacturers today are working on what is called an "Advance Order" or "Pre-Order" System to help them decide on the size of production runs. Most Manufacturers will announce new items 6-12 months in advance of shipping the item. For placing orders early, we get a little better price on the items, and we are passing that price along to you. Many of these items are actually "Sold Out" by the time the manufactuer actually ships the item.

     In Most cases we can offer you up to a 20% Discount off the Suggested Retail pricing by placing this advance order.

     But we do not ask for any deposit, or pre-payment of any kind. And we call it a "No-Obligation Pre-Order" because you have the right to cancel or amend your order at any time.

     Once the Item arrives to our warehouse, we will then contact you via Phone or Email to re-confirm your desire to purchase the item. If you wish to do so, then at that time we will collect payment information, and you have a further choice to put the item on a "Lay-A-Way and pay for it over a few months..

     If you desire to Cancel your Pre-Order, there is no penalty, and often we have a waiting list for that item anyway, so we will just call the next person on the Waiting List who was interested in that item.

     If You place your Pre-Order with Con-Cor,and receive your acknowledgment of that order, we Guarantee you will get yours from the first shipment. Even if past the Pre-Order Guarantee closing date, we still encourage you to send in a Pre-Order as we usually have a few customers cancel their orders for one reason or another, and if we are oversold, we will go down the list of Pre-Orders by date your order arrived to us. For details on how our "No Obligation" Pre-Order system works, just Click on Order Banner below.

     (#2) Con-Cor offers up to a 20% Discount on many "InStock" items as well, or when we are given special discounts by the various manufactures we gladly pass them along to you.

     These sales very each month, and often are limited to quanities of merchandise available.

     If you contact us by one of the methods show below and tell us the "Scale" you are interested in, and if you are new to Model Railroading, or an experienced hobbiest, we can Email you the link to the current Sales listing that best suits your interest.

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OK, here is the explantion on how to Save your 20% on most items carried by Walthers® , when ordering through Con-Cor Trains "Factory Outlet Store" :

 Save 20% on all Walthers Model Train products at Con-Cor Trains Factory Outlet Store®

     Every weekend Walthers® sends us the a long PDF of the "New" items that have arrived to their warehouse, as well as "New" items announced by all the various manufacturers they distribute and ready for placing your "Pre-Orders" for future delivery. 95% of the items found on this Walthers® list the Con-Cor Trains "Factory Outlet" can get for you at a savings of usually 20%. But of course you have to order them through Con-Cor, not from Walthers, if you order from Walthers you will have to pay full retail price.

      So to save the 20% you have to go through a couple of easy steps.

     Step #1) You need to click on the PDF below for the lastest Walther's® listings. Open it up and browse through it. (Note: It does not contain photos of the items, if you desire a photo, you will have to jot down the item number (including the Pre-Fix number) and then go to the main walthers web page at, and plug that number into the "Search" box in the upper left. If a picture is available, it will pop up.

     Step #2) Once you have hand written down the list of items you want to pre-order, then you need to open our Con-Cor Factory Outlet Order form and just type in the items you want off the Walthers list. Then just send your list off to us, by clicking at the bottom of the Order Form.

Click here to Open the Con-Cor Factory Outlet Order form
Important Note: When ordering it is very important to include the "prefix" number on the item number, such as "920-" or "150-"
as that tells us the name of the manufacturer of that specific item.

     Step #3) Remember, items that are for future delivery "Pre-Orders", we ask for no advance payment of any kind. You can always adjust your order lat any time before the items arrive. Once they arrive we will re-contact you by phone or Email to re-confirm your order, and get payment information.

     Step #4) So for a little extra paperwork on your part, you get THREE big benefits:

  • #1) You can Pre-Order forthcoming items with the security you will get them when released, and not find out later they are "sold out" (Note: Some on line retailers do not even accept "Pre-Orders" as it is too much work for them to handle the extra paperwork.
  • #2) You SAVE on Average 20% off the Retail pricing.
  • #3) We are not asking for Pre-Payment or any kind of deposit, most on-line companies will.

If you need to send us a letter or package via U.S.Mail, our address is:
Con-Cor International,Ltd.
8101 E. Research Court
Tucson, AZ 85710-6758 USA

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