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Section #1: Links to PDF's for Exploded View Parts and Assembly Diagrams on Con-Cor Products.

We have included information on old and discontinued Con-Cor products as a reference tool. Just because the Assembly diagram is shown, with parts listed it does not mean the parts are actually available from us anymore. But you might find parts on-line or at a Train flea market.

As a rule of thumb, if the item is more than 7-8 years old we probably DO NOT have any parts remaining for it.

"HO" Scale Con-Cor Trains Parts Information: "N" Scale Con-Cor Trains Parts Information:

Section #2: Links to PDF's for Information on Con-Cor Trains which are "DCC" Decoder Ready.

      As a rule of thumb the only Con-Cor products that are "DCC" ready, or that it would be easy to install a "DCC" Decoder into are products made in the last 10 years or so (since about 2002). Products made prior to that date were before the "DCC" era and are realitively difficult to install a "DCC" Decoder into.

       Only the products listed below either are "DCC" compatible, or "DCC" ready. If not shown, it was made before the "DCC" era, and we have no information we can share with you on how to install "DCC" in these older models.

       Sometimes you can find magazine articles, or on-line forums that discuss installing "DCC" into our older models, but we have no data base of such articles so you will have to do your own research.

      Warning ! Before ordering, or installing a "DCC" Decoder make sure you understand the DIFFERENCES between trains that run on "DC' versus on "DCC".
      #1) Traditional "DC" trains run on 14-18v DC current in the rails, which is supplied by what was called traditionally a "DC Power Pak", whereas "DCC" is acutally running on "AC" voltage in the rails supplied by a "DCC" Controler Power Pak.

      Then a tiny computer chip installed inside the locomtoive converts the "AC" voltage in the track to "DC" to power the motor and lights. The reason for the difference is that the use of an "AC" current allows a "carrier circut" to be superimposed over the "AC" which tells the computer chip in the locomotive what to do. (Think of this as a "morse code" signal being sent along with the "AC" current.)

       If you try to run a normal "DC" only locomotive on trackage that has "DCC" / "AC" current flowing through it, you probably will burn out the "DC" motor, and maybe the lighting circuits.

      What confuses the issue, is that some model train manufacturers also make "dual mode" locomotives that will accept both "DC" or "DCC" input, but because of the electronics involved you reduce the number of other fuctions you can make available. And the ability of "slow speed" control when using "DC" input is greatly reduced (meaning is, you don't have much low speed control, and the start up speed on dual mode DC/DCC units is usually jerky.

      Be advised that all Con-Cor Trains listed here come "DC" ready out of the box. Meaning is they run on "DC" trackage just fine out of the box, and you have good low speed control and realism. If you put one of our "DC" trains on "DCC" trackage (without first installing a "DCC" Decoder) the "AC" voltage in the DCC trackage will probably burn out the motor, as well as the lighting circuit.

      However, when a properly installed "DCC" Decoder is installed in any of the Con-Cor Trains shown here, you will have good low speed realism, as well as lighting and other functions available operating properly.

      There is no real "industry standard" on the subject, so familiarize yourself with the differences brands as otherwise you could burn up locomotives by running them on the wrong power input system.

Please go to this link to find further information about Con-Cor Brand Decoders and compatibility.

"HO" Scale Con-Cor Train "DCC" Information:
Note: If the differences between "DC" and "DCC" models are not clear to you, please click on this link:
Warning Notice about Differences between "DC" and "DCC" Operation
"N" Scale Con-Cor Train "DCC" Information:
Note: If the differences between "DC" and "DCC" models are not clear to you, please click on this link:
Warning Notice about Differences between "DC" and "DCC" Operation

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