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The Intermountain "HO" "AC" GEVO's are begining to arrive !

     OK, below are more photos of these fabulous new "HO" models... just keep scrolling below the photos for more details and information...(and then you will find more order details after the "AC-12" Steam loco section...And remember, all of the Gevo's are available in 4 (Four) Cab Numbers if you want to run multiples !

You can't beat this Quality and price!!.

Your choice, Powered DC/DCC ready to roll.. only $143.99 each, or DCC with Soundtrax Tsunami Sound for only $207.99... order today or miss out. Need to keep your Cash for Christmas shopping? No Problem, Con-Cor offers a Lay-A-Way Program for you. Just give us a deposit and we can hold your Gevo's till after the holidays and you can pay it off in a couple of payments!

Three roadnames available so far:
  • Union Pacific
  • Kansas City Southern
  • Canadian Pacific

    Due late Jan. or early Feb.
  • Ferromex
  • BNSF
  • GE "Demonstrator" Colors...

         We had seen some early test shots and they really looked nice, but the final product looks FABULOUS !! You are not going to be disappointed with these in any way.

         Your choice of non-sound version which will run on "DC" or "DCC" right out of the box. at only $179.95 each (less your 20% percent of course which makes your cost only $143.99, or a DCC version with SoundTraxx sound card (you can't do any better than a Soundtraxx sound system !) The Sound units are $259.95, but less your 20% discount brings the your cost down to $207.99 each.

         Don't be disappointed, once the word gets out on these they will sell out very quickly.

         Lots more photos and Full details on our Intermountain web page at:

    Take me to the "HO" Gevo's !

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    All "Pre-Orders" of Intermountain Railway Co. will qualify for a 20% Pre-Order discount.

    Note: We are only highlighting some of the Intermountain New Products here.
    Additional Intermountain Products will be offered in the future.

    Just click on the order link here, and fill out the form with Any Intermountain Railway product listed below and you will be eligible for a 20% Pre-Order discount

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    As with All Con-Cor No Obligation Pre-Orders, you may cancel or change your Pre-Order at any time with no penalty.

    You will be contacted by phone, or Email before we ship your Pre-Order to Re-confirm before we actually ship.

    Lay-A-Way Program Available !       Check out details on our order form page.

    Coming Back in 2011 !
    "N" Southern Pacific Cab Forward by Intermountain Ry Co.
    Featuring New Cab Numbers, but very Limited Quantities

  •      Yes, Intermountain is bringing back a short re-run of its very popular "N" Scale Cab Forward in 2011. Reservations (Pre-Orders) being accepted Now. We expect the run to be almost all sold out before they arrive, so choose your favorite paint scheme/ road number immediately to avoid disappointment. Price has increased, but remember,you will get your 20% Pre-Order discount off whatever the final price is, and of course we will contact you prior to shipping to re-confirm your order and let you know if a Sound Decoder will be available (see below).

    Pre-Order yours Now !

         If You place your Pre-Order with Con-Cor,and receive your acknowledgment of that order, we Guarantee you will get yours from the first shipment. Even if past the Pre-Order Guarantee closing date, we still encourage you to send in a Pre-Order as we usually have a few customers cancel their orders for one reason or another, and if we are oversold, we will go down the list of Pre-Orders by date your order arrived to us. For details on how our "No Obligation" Pre-Order system works, just Click on Order Banner below.

    To see a great Video of these great N models running on the N-Trak layout at the Oklahoma City Train Show just scroll down this page a bit.

         YES !

    Con-Cor will be offering a special version DigiTrax DCC Sound Decoder for this model for you. For the special price of $64.98 we will load the Decoder with the best available Steam sounds, and install a special speaker in the tender of the Cab Forward, and test run the engine for you before we ship. (Sorry due to labor needed to do this, no discount is available on the Decoder with installation but the basic "N" Cab Forward locomotive will qualify for the 20% Pre-Order Discount. )


    • Sharp Painting and Lettering
    • Road Numbers Printed per Prototype photos
    • Powerful Drive and Smooth Running (See video)
    • Intricate Details
    • Micro-Trains® Couplers.
    • DCC Ready

      Accepting Pre-Orders NOW !

      New Cab Numbers on this run. $329.95
      85-79006  Southern Pacific # 4276 With Tender Lettering
      85-79007  Southern Pacific # 4280  No Tender Lettering
      85-79008  Southern Pacific # 4285 With Tender Lettering
      85-79009  Southern Pacific # 4294 With Tender Lettering 
                     (The # 4294 is the one on Display at the California Transportation
                     Museum in Sacramento, California.) 
      Re-Leases of Cab Numbers on this run. $329.95
      85-79001  Southern Pacific Painted black, No Lettering
      85-79002  Southern Pacific # 4275  With Tender Lettering
      85-79003  Southern Pacific # 4278 No Tender Lettering
      85-79004  Southern Pacific # 4287 No Tender Lettering
      85-79005  Southern Pacific # 4292 With Tender Lettering
      0001-006013 DCC Sound Decoder for above**   (Price $64.98)
      **Availablity of Sound Decoder will be determined once we
      see an engineering sample and can confirm we can get one
      of our standard speakers installed with proper wiring needed.
      (Note: There is no Pre-Order discount on the decoder due to
      the large amount of labor needed to dis-assemble the model
      install the decoder, re-assemble and test for you before we

      Click the button in the middle of the box to view a short Video clip of the Intermountain Railway "N" Scale AC-12 running on the N-Trak Layout at the Okahoma City Train show in Dec. 2009. Our thanks to Russell Straw for taking the Video for us.

      As you can see, this is an amazing model, and they have sold out quickly, so do not delay in placing your Pre-Order today for the 2nd run !

      New "HO" GE ES44AC Locomotives (Nickname "GEVOS's")

      Finally Arriving Dec /Jan. 2010.

      Due to arrive in two batches in Dec. and Jan. (those will silver trucks will arrive in Jan.)


      The Evolution Series is GE's latest locomotive platform. Intermountain Railway is faithfully reproducing the prototype in HO Scale. This is a NEW MODEL. Each locomotive will be factory ready to run on DC or DCC with optional SoundTraxx "Tsunami Sound". The model features include Prototype specific details to match the Cab,the trucks, the rear lights, etc. for each road. Comes with Kadee brand working knuckle couplers.

      Important Notice on Cab Numbers:

           Intermountain lists only one Stock Number for each Railroad, but in fact 4 (Four) different cab numbers for each railroad. If you order more than one of the same Railroad, Con-Cor Trains will make sure you get different cab numbers when your order is shipped. (Note for the GM Demonstator paint scheme, only one Cab number is being made.)

      GE-ES44AC Union Pacific GE-ES44AC Kansas City Southern de Mexico

      GE-ES44AC Canadian Pacific GE-ES44AC Ferromex

      GE-ES44AC BNSF GE-ES44AC GE "Demonstrator"

           Intermountain Railway Company recommends you use LaBelle brand Lubricants on your Intermountain products. This not only includes Intermountain Locomotives, but also Intermountain Rolling stock as you can lubricate the axle ends on freight and passenger cars to reduce friction and pull longer trains, as well as the moving parts of operating knuchle couplers to insure the best possible coupler operation. See order form below for LaBelle products you can order today.

    Intermountain Railway Co.HO ES44AC (GEVO) Diesels
    All models come with a dual mode "DC" / DCC built in circuit board. It auto detects if you are running on DC or DCC. (Function only DCC, if you want sound, then order Sound Version listed in next section below.

    All Roads (Except GE Demo) are available in 4 Cab Numbers. Con-Cor Trains will make sure if you order 2 or more of same roadname you will be shipped different cab numbers.

    Stock Number
    Con-Cor Pre-Order Price
    85-49701 Union Pacific $179.95 $ 143.99
    85-49702 Kansas City Southerm de Mexico $179.95 $ 143.99
    85-49703 Canadian Pacific $179.95 $ 143.99
    85-49704 Ferromex $179.95 $ 143.99
    85-49705 Burlington Northern Santa Fe $179.95 $ 143.99
    85-49706 General Electric Demonstrator $179.95 $ 143.99


    Intermountain Railway Co.HO ES44AC (GEVO) Diesels
    These Models come with a SoundTraxx "Tsunami" Sound System.

    All Roads (Except GE Demo) are available in 4 Cab Numbers. Con-Cor Trains will make sure if you order 2 or more of same roadname you will be shipped different cab numbers.

    Stock Number
    Con-Cor Pre-Order Price
    85-49701-S Union Pacific $259.95 $ 207.99
    85-49702-S Kansas City Southerm de Mexico $259.98 $ 207.99
    85-49703-S Canadian Pacific $259.98 $ 207.99
    85-49704-S Ferromex $259.98 $ 207.99
    85-49705-S Burlington Northern Santa Fe $259.98 $ 207.99
    85-49706-S General Electric Demonstrator $259.98 $ 207.99


    Labelle Lubricants, "If it Moves, Lube it !"
    Click Here to see the Complete line of LaBelle Lubricants

    Stock Number
    430-001001 LaBelle Lube 3-pak kit (2 kinds of Oil, plus Grease for HO,S,O, and larger scales $ 20.49
    430-001002 LaBelle Lube 3-pak kit (2 kinds of Oil, Plus Grease for N and Z Scales $ 20.49
    430-000105 LaBelle Track Cleaner, 1 oz bottle fluid plus cleaning pads. $ 9.98
    430-000115 LaBelle Replacement Pads only $ 5.98


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