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May 10th 2013
"HO" Reading Crusader Sets with Loco and 5 cars ARE NOW ALL SOLD OUT !
Important Notice: Modelers are contacting us looking for parts and or updates on any Future re-runs of the Reading Crusader Models. It is important to note that Con-Cor Trains is not the Importer of this item,but only a re-seller, the manufacturer / importer
is GHB International in Maryland. For Parts and or other inquires on the HO Crusader Trains you need to contact the
GHB International Company directly.
Our understanding is that GHB Management is considering if they will do a further run, but no decision has been made.
Hope this clears these issues up for you.

Con-Cor still has the "HO" Decoder Available for the Crusader Models, see ordering information farther down this page.

We do have a very small quantity of the 5 Passenger Car Sets only still available
See the Order Form below.

15 Oct. 2012
Photos below taken by Tony Cook at Model Railroad News (used with Permission.)

Side View of Locomotive, note decorated engineer and fireman included.

Top: Obs car and engine parked nose to tail.           Bottom: Photo of backhead detail inside Locomotive Cab

Top: Close up of Observation Car Tail end.          Bottom: Side view showing close coupling diaphrams.

Few More photos taken on the Con-Cor test layout.

Top: Side View of Coach Car, note blue trucks           Bottom: Side view of Diner Car

Top: Side View of Crusader Observtion car.           Bottom: Crusader Train pulling into Station on Con-Cor layout.

12th Sept 2012
The folks at GHB were kind enough to give us a Glimpse of the HO Crusader sample as Emailed to them by the factory a couple of days ago. The actual sample should arrive in the USA within 10 days or so, and we hope to be able to share with you more detailed photos as soon as we get to see the actual samples.. frankly we can't wait !

The factory sent a low resolution photo and it is quite large, so might take a little bit of time to open for you:

Flash #2: 20th Sept 2012:
We have been able to secure a limited number of just the 5 Passenger Cars only for those of you who want to run them behind diesels. See listing in the order table below !

7th August 2012 :
The Crew at GHB International was kind enough to share with us the first Test Shot samples they just received on this fine model.
Schedule and delivery expected now to be late 2012.
But as can see from all these pictures it will be worth the extra wait.
All the time and effort the engineers at GHB International have put into this project are really paying off in the vast amount of detail and precision you will see on the final product.
Even if you are not a Reading fan, it will be worth the effort just to go to a Hobby Shop and see these models when they are finally ready.
Pre-orders are strong, and it might be sold out before they arrive
So don't miss out, reserve yours today !

Photo above is Prototype photo that will appear on the top of the Crusader Train box.

New "HO" Model of the famous Reading Crusader Trainset, due in late 2012. !
Pre-Order yours Now and Save 20%

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That's OK, we understand it is a big purchase.
But if you have even "some" interest in the Crusader, then send us an Email with the word "Crusader" in the Subject line and we will send you Emails on the Crusader project as we know them. (A Email link is provided at the bottom of this page for your convenience.)

Photos of Test Shots:
  • Note these are just shots, some engraving remains to be finished. The coal load for the Tender still needs to be finished. In the final model you will find both an engineer and fireman figure on seats in front of the back head of the locomotive. Hard to get a photo of it, but the backhead has a lot of tiny details on it as well.
  • The Prototype cars for the Crusader were built by Budd Company in 1937, some of the earliest cars they made of this "shot welded" stainless steel design were the cars for the Oriiginal Pioner Zephyr Train made for the Burlington.
  • All cars will come with complete interiors, and LED constant lighting.
  • Working Knuckle couplers on all cars.
  • Metal RP-25 Profile wheels all around,
  • Decoration: These are early test shots so no decoration is presented, but you can see the prototype paint scheme in the color photo above that will be used on the box cover.
  • Interiors will be decorated as well.
  • Notice the unusal configuration of the "Coach" interior, on these early cars, there even was a "lounge area" for Coach passengers at the rear of the car. This was in the days before the "bean counters" installed as many seats as they could sell in a Coach car.

Here's the whole train moving through town on a layout here at the Con-Cor factory.

Observation car fits in behind tender overhang.......................Photo of Locomotive Backhead
Remember that was a haulmark of this train, Observations at both ends of the train, so they never had to turn it around.

Side view of Locomotive and Tender

Locomotive with observation car tucked in behind tender.

Here are side views and Interiors!

(Above) Crusader Coach Car Side View.......................Interior of Crusader Coach (Note unusual Lounge Seating at rear)

(Above) Crusader Diner Car Side View.......................Interior of Crusdader Diner (Note was a short distance train, so mixure of Tables and Lounge area seating)

(Above) Crusader Observation Car Side View.......................Interior of Crusader Observation (Note was a short distance train, so mixture of Coach seating, and Lounge area at rear.)


The Reading Crusader was the most famous passenger train ever operated by the Reading Railroad. Only one trainset was built, but two steam locomotives one with Cab #117 and the 2nd with Cab #118 were built so the train could continue to run while one of the locomotives was being serviced.

A Unique feature of the Train was that it had 2 (Two) Coach-Obseration cars, one at each end so the train did not have to be turned at each end of the line to begin its return trip. The Tenders on the Steam Locomotives had an extension piece on it so the round end of the Observation car, behind the loco, would fit into it and therefore present a continuous line of stainless steel down the train. The window shades would be pulled down so you would not see the back of the tender.

All final details about this great model are not know yet, and as we get more details we will share them with you.

As you will see below, Con-Cor will also be making a DCC Sound Decoder for this fine model with Authentic Steam sounds. It will be similar to the Sound Decoder we already make for the Fox Valley Hiawatha Set.

If you scroll down to the lower part of this page, you will see some of the drawings used bin the manufacture of this fine model. We expect to have some photos of the "Pre-Production" samples to show you on this page by about the end of March or early April 2012.

If you scroll all the way down to the bottom of this page, you will see a reproduction of part of an old brochure on the Reading Crusader, as well as a Map of the route it traveled.


  • Fully Detailed Steam Locomotive, faithful to the Original Reading Railroad plans.
  • Model will be "DCC" ready, meaning it will run on "DC" right out of the box, and it will be easy to add a "DCC" Decoder into the tender.
  • Optional "DCC" Sound Decoder (including a proper speaker) will be available from Con-Cor Trains
  • Set will come with 5 passenger cars, Coach-Observation car (Car 1) ; Coach (Car 2); one diner/lounge (Car 3); another Coach (Car 4) and another Coach-Observation (Car 5)
  • We will post more information on this set as it becomes available.
  • Will be a Limited Run Collector's Set.
  • Final Retail on this great Collector's set will be $749.95.. this includes the Locomotive, Tender, and the 5 matching cars.
  • DON'T MISS OUT ! By Pre-ordering Now you can save 20% off the retail price, and insure yourself to have your name on the reservation list so you don't miss out on this Limited Run Collector's Set. We expect them to be Sold Out before the shipment arrives in mid 2012.

  • Note: This model needs a minimum of 22 inch radius to operate properly because of the long wheel base of the full 85' Scale cars.


Stock Number
0283-000117 "HO" Reading Railroad Crusader Collectors Train Set
Complete with Steam Locomotive and 5 matching cars.
LocomotiveCab Number #117
Sorry these Sets are now all Sold out, accepting reservations for the next Run in maybe 2014
2nd Run Price $TBA

Lay-A-Way Plan Available on this item
Quantity: Check out now
Delivery TBA
0283-000118 "HO" Reading Railroad Crusader Train Set.
complete with Steam Locomotive and 5 matching cars.
Cab Number of Locomotive # 118
Sorry these Sets are now all Sold out, accepting reservations for the next Run in maybe 2014
2nd Run Price $TBA
Lay-A-Way Plan Available on this item
Quantity: Check out now
Delivery TBA
0283-000121 (See larger photo near top of this page for passenger Cars Only) More photos will be posted when we get a final sample to photograph for you). "HO" Reading Railroad Crusader 5 Passenger Cars Only!
Con-Cor International EXCLUSIVE !

Due to numerous Inquiries, from modelers who model in the Diesel Era and wanted the 5 Crusader Cars only so they could run behind their Reading Diesels, Con-Cor is able to now offer just the 5 Passenger Car by themselves.
ONLY VERY LIMITED QUANTITY of 5 car sets only available.
Don't Delay if you want just the 5 car Set !!
Your Price $299.99
Only a handful left as of early Nov 2013.
Lay-A-Way Plan Available on this item
Quantity: Check out now
A few Remain
March 2013
0001-006017(No Photo available at this time) "DCC" Sound Decoder for the Reading Crusader Train Locomotive Tender-

Still available as an "Add-On" item to those already in customer's hands. No more Factory Installation available on these.
Quantity: Check out now
$ 74.98
In Stock
March 2013

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