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     CenterLine Track Cleaning Cars have been around for many years, and are a good seller, because THEY WORK . We have seen a lot of track cleaning cars come and go over the years, most fail because they are not heavy enough, or only dry clean (with an abrasive cleaning pad), or only wet clean with a pad but no motion to help break free the dirt and oil off your rails.

     Center Line is a "Winner" because it does both. It is a heavy die-cast frame, with a spinning brass cylinder in the middle. The cylinder is wrapped with a lint free pad, that you soak with a track cleaning solution.

     Just push it along all your main line and longer siding with a locomotive (Note: You want to PUSH it, otherwise the locomotive will pick up a lot of the dirt and oil on it's wheels, and not by the track cleaning car.

     We of course recomment the LaBelle Track Cleaning Solution kit (#430-000105) to use as a fluid for the revolving pads. And the extra hand held cleaning pads supplied with the Labelle Track cleaning kit can be used to clean up those hard to reach areas of sidings that you can not push the tracking cleaning car 100% of the way, as well as switches and crossings where the track cleaning car may not do a 100% perfect job.

     Some minor assembly required, some cars come with couplers mounted, others you mount yourself, but only takes a few minutes.

     Construction of the Track Cleaning Cars in all scales is roughly the same as the HO one shown in the photos above.


CenterLine Products Track Cleaning Cars
Available in a wide variety of Scales: Scale listed in Description below.

Stock Number
85-D10 "N" Cleaner with Metal Wheel Trucks, with older style Rapido (flapper style) Couplers $ 49.95
85-D-11 "N" Cleaner with Metal Wheel Trucks, with working knuckle McHenry Couplers $ 53.95
85-D-12 "N" Cleaner with Metal Wheel Trucks, with working knuckle Micro-Trains Couplers $ 53.95
85-D-30 "HO" Cleaner with Metal Wheel Trucks, with Proto 2000 trucks, and Accumate working knuckle Couplers $ 64.95
85-D-32 "HO" Cleaner with Metal Wheel Trucks, with Kadee #500 trucks, Kadee working knuckle Couplers $ 74.95
85-100 "O" Any Radius 3-radius Cleaner with Die Cast Trucks and Couplers $ 133.95
85-101 "O" Two Rail Cleaner with Weaver Scale Trucks and Couplers $ 133.95
85-102 "G" Two Rail Cleaner with Aristo-Craft Sprung Trucks and Couplers $ 233.95
85-103 HOn3 Adapter- Draw Bar to convert D-30 for HOn3(Trucks and Couplers not included) $ 6.00
85-104 Replacement Roller Covers For all HO and N sizes, Pak of 10 $ $6.00
85-105 Replacement Roller Covers for "O" Scale Pak of 6 $ 19.95
85-106 Replacment Roller Covers for "G" Scale, pak of 5 $ 27.95

Labelle Lubricants, "If it Moves, Lube it !"
Click Here to see the Complete line of LaBelle Lubricants

430-000105 LaBelle Track Cleaner, 1 oz bottle fluid plus cleaning pads. $ 9.98
430-000115 LaBelle Replacement Pads only $ 5.98


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