Found During Spring Cleaning, some Rivarossi "N" 2-8-2 Steam Locos..

These Items are very limited and will sell out quickly!
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Explanation !

Merchandise is 100% OK and Inspected before we ship!

But Boxes might be scratched, dented or dirty or even missing.

We found these during Spring Cleaning in our warehouse..

Bonus !

These Rivaroissi Locomotives will be shipped with an Authentic Micro-Trains coupler on the rear of the tender, and a dummy knuckle on the front pilot

     We found two versions of the Undecorated "N" Rivarossi 2-8-2 Mikado Steam Locomotives. One version with a "short" USRA tender, and one version with a "Long Haul" tender. (I am told the "Long Haul" tender is the same one also used with the old Rivarossi Berkshire Locomotive).

      We also found some of the old Rivarossi "Pacific" boiler shells as well as some decorated tender shells. So by mixing and matching we came up with the following assortment of Locomotives with Decorated bodies mounted. (Yes, we know they are not 100% Prototypical, but they still do make a handsome models. Those of you who want "authenticity" are welcome to buy the Undecorated versions and do your own conversions as you see fit.

      As most of you know Rivarossi went bankrupt in 2002, and most of tooling is either missing, or would take a huge amount of re-tooling to bring back to the market. So the models are what they are.

     But every item is inspected and will be cleaned and lubricated with Labelle before we ship it to you.

     NOTE: These locomotives are "DC" and will not run on "DCC" trackage. Conversion to "DCC" would be very complicated due to this being an old design mechanism, designed before the "DCC" era. We have NO ONE on staff here that could give you any clue on how to convert one of these to "DCC" but perhaps you can find something on a "blog" or model railroad "forum"

     Also be aware, we really have no parts for these models left either, we guarantee they will run just fine when you get them, but if you need parts in the future we may not be able to help you out... for as we said above the Rivarossi company is bankrupt and factory closed almost 10 years ago, so we have no way to get additional parts either.

Rivarossi "N" 2-8-2 Mechanism with Pacific Boiler, and Long Haul Tender Shown ( Item #0003-028231 )

Photo of Model .
All Models Ready To Run
Net Sale price
Stock Number
Undecorated black, 2-8-2 with USRA Coal Tender $119.98 0003-028221
Undecorated black, 2-8-2 with Long Haul Tender . $119.98 0003-028207
"N" 2-8-2 Mechanism, with Pacific B&O Blue Boiler, & Long Haul Tender $149.98 0003-028231
"N" 2-8-2 with Central of New Jersey Boiler and Long Haul Tender $149.98 0003-028224
"N" 2-8-2 Mechanism, with Pacific Santa Fe, & Long Haul Tender $149.98 0003-028235
"N" 2-8-2 Mechanism, with B&O Black Boiler, & Short USRA Coal Tender $149.98 0003-028236

Rivarossi "N" Tenders by themselves( Item #0003-028237 Shown ) (Tenders come with a Micro-Trains coupler on rear of tender)

Photo of Model .
All Models Ready To Run
Net Sale price
Stock Number
Undecorated black, 2-8-2 Long Haul Tender
Note: No drawbar on tender, this tender has the drawbar "hook" on front of tender, and Micro-Trains coupler on rear of tender.
$49.98 0003-028237
Vanderbuilt Tender with B&O colors .Note: No drawbar on tender, this tender has the drawbar "hook" on front of tender, and Micro-Trains coupler on rear of tender. $49.98 0003-028238


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