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"MAP" Pricing Program Effective March 1st 2009.

( Minimum Advertised Price to Public )

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      In 2006 the United States Supreme Court issued a ruling that allows Manufacturers to establish a "Minimum Advertised Price to the Public" by its Dealers and Re-Sellers.

     Con-Cor International is now instituting a "MAP" Policy as outlined below, and is following the lead of many established companies in our industry that have already done so.


     Con-Cor International,Ltd. Map Policy, In force as of March lst 2009.

     Brand Names: Con-Cor Trains; Labelle Industries, Con-Cor/Rivarossi Trains, Rt 66 Vehicles and any other Brand, or sub-brand names as used by Con-Cor International, Ltd.

     Covers all Products released within the past 6 months, and all Pre-orders for all new coming products as announced.


      In order to protect the reputation for superior technology and quality products, Con-Cor International,Ltd. has adopted a Minimum Advertised Price Policy . This Minimum Advertised Price Policy will go into effect on March 1, 2009 and remain in effect until further notice by Con-Cor International,Ltd.

     Con-Cor International,Ltd. will post the MSRP Price (Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price) on its Web Site ( for the United States of America that is associated with products in the then current product Line. This Price List will include a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) . On some new products the price maybe listed as "TBA" meaning "To Be Announced" and the final retail price may not be posted until shortly before we start to ship the product. This is because sometimes the final costs are not established until final production of a product is underway.

     This Minimum Advertised Price Policy unilaterally applies to all retailers and re-sellers of Con-Cor branded products (As listed above) and is expected to benefit all of our valued retailers and re-sellers in that it will allow them to generate appropriate sales margins to offer value added services to their customers such as product knowledge, service, training, support, inventory or any combination of these items and more - while protecting the reputation for quality and advanced technology of our various Con-Cor products.

     1. A Retailer or Reseller selling Con-Cor Products shall be deemed in violation of this MAP policy if they advertise, or otherwise place in the public domain, prices for Con-Cor Products on the then-current Product that are below 20% off of the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price.

     2. This MAP policy applies only to advertised prices. Con-Cor does not and will not impose or enforce any policy with respect to the actual sales price of the product, and the authorized retailer / reseller is free to sell Con-Cor Products at any price and terms it deems appropriate within their own store or in direct communication with an individual customer via phone or electronic mail, or face to face with an individual customer at a Train Show, etc.

     3. This MAP policy applies to all advertisements of Con-Cor's individual product items, and includes but is not limited to magazines, websites and other electronic media, broadcast emails, catalogs, flyers, coupons, newspapers, television and radio. It also includes Banners, print flyers, or signage at Train Shows. This policy does not affect any in-store advertising or in-store actual product pricing.

     4. Pricing listed on an Internet site is considered an “advertised price” and must adhere to the MAP policy. Once the pricing is associated with an intent to purchase (added to a shopping cart or order), the price becomes the selling price and is not bound by this MAP policy. Statements such as “add to basket to see price”, “we will match any price”. and “call for price” are acceptable in order for the retailer to establish the selling price when dealing directly with an individual customer.

     5. From time to time, Con-Cor International may choose to offer special promotions on certain products. In such an event, we reserve the right to modify or suspend this MAP policy in whole or in part by notifying all retailers of the duration and nature of the change. Con-Cor International further reserves the right to adjust the MAP policy by amending this policy as posted and by providing 30 day advance notice to all authorized retailers, by posting such changes on the Con-Cor International web site.

     6. Violators of this policy will not be sold Con-Cor-branded products until their advertised prices comply with this policy. Repeat violators will not be sold Con-Cor-branded products for a period to be determined based on the severity of the violations.

     This policy does not affect countries other than the United States of America. It affects only those products released within 6 months of then current date, and any prducts annouced for future delivery, and Pre-Orders.

     For any questions, please contact Con-Cor International,Ltd. at E-mail link provided below.

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